Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Totally Random Tuesday: You're Gonna Love My Nuts!

Okay this is just the coolest.

This guy, Mr. X-Stitch, has some truly funny stuff to offer (check out the Renaissance Lolcats), but my favorite is this one:


You know how I love me some subversive cross stitch. Combine that with my favorite (living) online huckster (creepy though he may be) and you have something I must have.

Or I must, at least, make for someone else.

Any takers?

You will, my dear readers, be glad to know I'm feeling much perkier today. Thanks to some venting (thanks TR) and some sunshine, things are looking a lot brighter.

One day at a time, right?

And now you have that song in your head.

My work here is done.


Julie said...

Don't you be talkin' down my TTL Vince, y'hear?

Dandy said...

My job is eating my soul.