Friday, March 12, 2010

F-Word Friday: Fifth of Something

I had an eventful Thursday evening! (Well, eventful for me. I'm old.)

The Kid got a ride home with her buddy, and I took off a bit early from work. After hitting the fabric store (Jo-Ann is having Coupon! Madness! Week! and I saved a bunch on some palm tree fabric and some cool wooden buttons for a purse project) I headed down to Denver for dinner with TR at the fabled Furr's Cafeteria.

Have you been to one of these?? Apparently they've been around awhile. From their website:

"Founded by brothers Roy and Key Furr, the first Furr's restaurant opened in 1946, in Hobbs, NM, and the second in Odessa, TX, in 1947."

It caught on, I guess... they now have 50 locations (most of which are in New Mexico and Texas).

I counted.

It's an honest-to-goodness cafeteria, complete with plastic trays and paper-wrapped silverware and folks standing behind sneeze guards offering you dishes of this and that. It's definitely comfort food (like dinner rolls and super mashy and delish mac-and-cheese and Salisbury Steak), and it smells like all the very best school cafeteria experiences you've ever had all rolled into one.

What was your favorite cafeteria meal? Mine was always the Salisbury Steak and the Chicken-A-La-King. It might not have been gourmet, but it beat warm PB&J with a side of mealy apple. I don't care which one wins the Nutritional Smackdown, I'm going to go with hot food every time.

Except if it's a cold turkey sandwich.

But I digress.

After dinner I headed to Arvada to do trivia again with Chris & Robyn & a couple of their friends, and we...

Well, we came in 5th.

But that's okay because we had FUN! It was just one of those nights when all the categories are pretty well matched, and I think we only trailed by 5 points or so. So it was a respectable 5th!

And I won the email clue prize!!!

It was a pair of Groucho Marx disguise glasses. They smelled funny, but I WON THEM, so they are awesome despite the stench.

PS... Courtesy of my mom and Bob.

Apparently the Hard Rock Cafe menu in Las Vegas is not what you'd call varied.

Happy Friday!


Ruth Covington said...

Growing up in NM we ate at Furr's Cafeteria a lot. And Luby's Cafeteria. Heck, I lived in Hobbs; it was probably the same building and everything! I didn't know they had on in the area; might have to check it out and see how it stacks up.

Julie said...

There's a Furr's in Tucson - on Oracle, of course.

Elle Bee said...

Never heard of a Furr's but it sounds interesting. I always brown-bagged it, so I never had the privilege of cafeteria food! I remember my friends had it tho. I can see milk cartons and green beans in my mind's eye.

curegirl0421 said...

@ Ruth - Just don't do what I did. Turn *right* on Kipling when you exit I70, not left. It's a nightmare if you turn left.

@ Mom - Of *course* it's on Oracle! :)

@ Elle - there were green beans, naturally, but alas no milk cartons. I think that would have put it right over the top, maybe I can petition them!