Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Totally Random Tuesday: Keep On Travelin'

So I woke up this morning at about 5AM.

I had beaten my alarm clock by a good hour or so, and was pretty awake so I figured I'd get a little more work done on the Possibly Not Going To Be Given Because It's Ugly Birthday Bag (either way it's getting done).

TR's Rick Steves Extravaganza of Travel DVDs is still living my house (mainly because I keep forgetting to give it back and no that's not in air quotes, smartass), so I figured I'd watch an episode or two.

The discs I'm on references "Benelux", so I keep hoping for an episode on Luxembourg (from whence many ancestors harken), but no luck so far.

One of the episodes that *does* appear, however, is all about the joys of Germany, in particular the Black Forest and Baden-Baden, which has lots of spas, one of which was featured on the show.

Three facts I learned this morning:

1. Rick went to the spa.

2. Rick got nekkid (there was no crack or anything, but it was IMPLIED) at the spa, took a shower, then got a thorough scrubbing and a good swat on the ass from a stern German masseuse, and filmed it all for us to enjoy.

3. My eye bleach is missing.

Now, I love me some Rick Steves, and really I'm not a prude. He's delightfully dorky and really inspiring in the way he'll just get right in there and do whatever.

But I don't want to see him naked.


Well, ever again.

But I did... just so I could tell you which part to which you should fast forward for all your Hot Rick Steves Action. (If I could make that blink on and off in neon, I so would.)

(Pssst... it's 1:14.)

It might have skeeved me out, but you know what?

Good for him.

That spank will still haunt my nightmares, though. Just saying.


Julie said...

A Teutonic slap, no less!

Dandy said...

I need a brain bleach just from reading that.