Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WTF Wednesday: 7 Days To Live?

I had the creepiest thing happen Monday night!

I took The Kid to the library, where the orientation for teen volunteering at the Longmont Humane Society was taking place, and as we were coming up to the door the pay phone outside the doors started ringing.

Because it was outside the library, and nobody seemed to be around and waiting for a call, and really who calls a pay phone anymore, I figured I’d answer and just say “Hello, this is a payphone” and that would be that. I'd save the person who dialed wrong some trouble and additional phone calls, or at least let them know that their drug dealer couldn’t make the pre-arranged phone call time.

So after letting the caller know this, as I'm going to hang up, a voice on the other end whispers, WHISPERS, mind you…

“I’m not even real.”

Super creepy, right?! And of course it kicked up all kinds of horrible horror movie scenarios.

So yeah, if I’m dead in a week, it’s been nice knowin’ ya, give my regards to Broadway and all that...

EEEEEEEEK! Where's the Ghostbusters crew when you need them!?

I had the biggest crush on Bill Murray

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Dandy said...

OK that would TOTALLY freak me out! In fact, I'm freaked out a little right now. EEEK!