Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Totally Random Tuesday: The Universe Is Telling Me Something

I have had a horrific morning, which in light of Moscow bomb attacks and the general malaise plaguing our political system is NOT all that horrible, but which caused me to collapse into a puddle of woe at 7:30 AM.

So I'm folding laundry, being all productive, and because I have too much laundry stacked on the dryer, I manage to knock two shirts over the back.

Fair enough, I'll get them out with some sort of chimpanzee ant-grabbing stick-like device (read: metal coat hanger).

In attempting this, while crouched attractively on top of the dryer trying not to a) bang my head on the bottom of the cabinets or b) dent the top of said laundry machine, I managed to pop the dryer vent off the back of the dryer.

Have you seen my laundry room? There is no room to move. At all.

It's over there on the left, and it's like a clown car back there.

This meant carefully manhandling the dryer away from the wall far enough that I could somehow get back there and reattach the dryer vent (which Sears should have screwed in - they're getting a phone call). Re-attached successfully, I managed to move the dryer back in place (and in the process tore the vinyl flooring - I managed to bend the flap back down and move the dryer over it - don't ask how).

I looked behind the dryer and guess what?

It popped off again.

Then the tears started.

I managed to pull myself together and figured out that what I needed to do was move the *washer* (rather than further ruin the flooring), which had longer cords.

At least this time I smartened up. I unplugged the washer, trapped the cord between the lid and the body of the machine (otherwise you *know* it would have fallen somewhere unattainable), turned off the water supply, and sloooooowly pulled it out enough so that I could, using a chair for leverage, heave myself up and over the top of the washer, carefully weave my way around various hoses, and reattach the dryer vent.

Then it was back up over the washer to plug it back in, turn on the water, move everything back, swear some more, curse Sears mightily, check the dryer again (thankfully still attached) and do what I had intended in the first place.

Put the wash in the dryer.

Having verified that everything was running smoothly, I loaded up a new batch of washing and grabbed the laundry soap.

Twisting the top caused the entire pour spout to spontaneously detach and drop irrevocably into the liquid soap.

I stared at that for about 5 minutes before deciding that the universe was trying to tell me something.

So I'm staying home today. It was bad enough that I'm still allergic to myself and have a cold at the same time (I'm guessing - who knows), but this is a clear message from the universe that I need to stay home today.

I'm going to sit in the corner and not touch anything.

In fact I really shouldn't be touching the computer...

I'm just asking for it!


Dandy said...

Do you have a helmet? I feel like you should be wearing a helmet.

curegirl0421 said...

I feel exactly the same way. *shudder* I fear driving anywhere today!! Yipeyipeyipe

Julie said...

be careful!