Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WTF Wednesday - Póg Mo Thóin!

St. Patrick's Day...

I'm so glad when it's not on a weekend. It's bad enough when the drinkers observe the day on the weekend, but when it's the actual *day*? Twice as bad!

I don't celebrate it for the St. Patrick aspect, nor for the drinking, not being much of a drinker myself (side note... tradition says that back before the 1600s it was a one-day break from Lent in Ireland).

Instead, I celebrate my Irish & Scottish heritage, because although Ireland is the one getting all the press, it really is a holiday for all us Celts (please note the pipes and drums and kilts in the parades... that's not Irish!). They have very different cultures, of course, but both Ireland & Scotland (and Wales as well) have in their time been oppressed by the English to the point where their cultures and even their native language were in danger of disappearing... and would have entirely if not for a brave few who held on, and the bunch here in America (where the first parade was held in the late 1700s) who went out and flew their freak flags high.

Plus, it's fun to wear green!

Lastly, but not leastly...

I miss Chicago. The green river, the Green River...

Click it! It's pretty.

Those folks know how to throw a parade!

Whatever you do, if you do anything at all, have a lovely St. Patrick's Day. I'm going to take The Kid to Mike O'Shay's for dinner (not the most Irish of places, but close enough), then having a little soda bread for dessert while I watch my yearly favorite, The Quiet Man.

I'd go see my favorite locals, but they're playing down in Denver at Fadó and it'll be a madhouse.

Oh and PS... I filed this under WTF because a bunch of you will wonder WTF póg mo thóin means. I'll leave it to you to look up. ;)

Éirinn go brách!


Dandy said...

You kiss MY ass!


curegirl0421 said...


I love being able to swear in Gaelic, even if it's only a little swear.