Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Catchup: Pollinated

No Friday post, my apologies, as I was awash in sniffles and napping.

If those were the names of, like, pug dogs or kitten breeds, it would have been WAY cooler, but in fact I was suffering mightily with what is either a mad case of allergies or a bitch of a cold.

Thankfully TR was there to distract me, what with all the music on the portable hard drive he brought, along with some lovely lemony Happy Cakes.

He rocks mightily!

I also made a fantastic pot roast, and reaffirmed my vow to never buy meat at a grocery store again. It is entirely worth it to spend an extra 5 dollars on a roast if it will taste like THAT!

Not much else happened all weekend, in fact, although I did get to see my...



That about sums it up.

She was in town to visit with her mom awhile, so we go to have dinner and she saw The Kid for the first time in years. It was a nice visit.

The rest of the weekend really consisted of me playing with my Macbook and blowing my nose.


We did find out some exciting news though...

The Kid's group for the upcoming Washington DC/New York trip gets to go to the White House! They had applied to do so, but groups never find out until a couple of weeks before.

Alas, Michelle will be out of town, but we're hoping Barack's around. Wouldn't that just RULE!? I told The Kid to be sure to give him a hug from me.

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Dandy said...

Ex-step-sister-in-law sounds like something I would say.

Glad the visit went well. Can the kid give Barack a high five for me?

I hope you're feeling better!