Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thrilling Thursday: Guest Speaker

It's been a long week.

Thankfully, today was my Friday, since the University thoughtfully gives the staff the last day of Spring Break off.

It's also the third week of the month, which means it's been all Expense System all the time, and between that and my raging allergies (ah, Spring), I'm soooo ready for a 3 day weekend.

I'm also, I must admit, quite brainless this evening... what to write for Thrilling Thursday?!

I could write about the Healthcare Reform bill being signed into law, because that's pretty frickin' thrilling (even though it's really only a start... when we catch up with, ya know, the rest of the civilized world when it comes to caring for our citizens, then I'll be happy), but unless you're living in a cave then you're probably well versed on the issue.

So what to do? Well, thankfully I have lovely fast internet at home now (I may have mentioned this) and so I was able to bring in a guest blogger.

Ladies & Gentleman, I give you...


So kid, what's thrilling you today?

"We're eating pot roast for dinner. But I'm *not* thrilled that we had 3 CSAP tests today!"

What were they?

"Writing (session 5), Math (session 3), and Reading (session 6). Reading and writing are in the same book, they alternate."

Mom note: good word!

So which test was easiest?

"Both writing and math, but mostly math. I'm really good at math, and I flew through it. We have 65 minutes for it but I finished with a half an hour left! And writing was easy because it was just correcting and stuff."

What did you do with the rest of your time in Math?

"Read my Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark book... it is just FULL of scary stories, let me tell ya."

And what was for lunch today?

"Some weird boneless rib... okay you know those things they sell at McDonalds, McRib or something, where it's boneless but all connected? We had that but on a hamburger bun. I had water, I'm not drinking the milk there anymore."

Mom note - I told her a little about why I now buy organic milk this morning, thoroughly grossing her out. Just as well, she should drink more water anyway.

So what else happened today?

"Since we did really good on our last test, which was session 6 reading, we didn't have to do the 6 sessions of 'The Growth of the Human Body' in health, and instead we watched an old Donald Duck cartoon."

Awesome! Which one?

"He was trying to go to bed, but first his alarm clock was bothering him and he couldn't go to sleep, so he slammed it into the wall with bungee cords or something, then his face was in the Mona Lisa, and then he was in bed but it was starting to fold in half and stuff, and he was fighting with it for awhile, and he finally got it taken down and stuff, and then he laid down and was just about to go to sleep, and the alarm clock was coming back together and the alarm went off, and then it was over. Weird cartoon."

Hm. And what's on deck for tomorrow?

"Tomorrow's a half day, it's the Rattler Cup! The 8th graders are trying to win our 3rd in a row; our class won in 6th grade, and last year in 7th, and we're trying to do it again! In the morning I have session 3 Science for CSAPs for 65 minutes, and then we have to play our Rattler Cup events. Four-square volleyball, that kind of thing."

What are you playing?

"Air hockey."


"We have to do that to earn Rattler points. Right now we're in 3rd place but not by much! After that I'm walking home to Maddie's and sleeping over there."

What are you going to do?

"We're going to share our weird dreams, play truth or dare, watch horror movies, stay up late, pig out. You know, the usual!"

Sounds like a blast!

Well, there ya have it folks. I left out all the "ums" and "likes" but that's pretty much my kid.

Cool, isn't she!

Happy Thursday!


Ruth Covington said...

She does sound cool! Hope the horror movies don't make weird dreams turn into nightmares. :)

Julie said...

God, I miss Lexie and her mommy. btw, purple purse is on its way!

curegirl0421 said...

We miss you too and the purse is AWESOME!

Dandy said...

I thoroughly enjoyed The Kid! Seriously. I was cracking up at the cartoon play-by-play.

She sounds like a smart cookie!