Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Catchup: Melodious

A long and tiring weekend... but nice just the same.

Friday night The Kid and I did some housecleaning and then she got to bed early... we had a 6AM role call for the trip to Colorado Springs for the CMEA conference the next day!

I stayed up a bit, as TR came over to hang out with me before his trip to points east (he's going to see the shuttle launch with his brother, how cool is that?!). We watched part of Watchmen and...


I can't say I enjoyed it, but I did like it. It was very well filmed, and had great costumes and Rorschach was super-creepy, but...


Thank goodness I had marked my 2nd Favorite Scotsman, he rescued me! With puppets!

Up and out early Saturday, we managed to catch the sunrise and I remembered why I hate school buses.

The conference was being held in the Broadmoor Hotel, which was lovely, and the performance was amazing.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take video of the actual show, but I did get a little of the practice and you can really hear how wonderful they sounded!

Where's the video, you ask?

Why, in the camera of course! At home! *sigh*

After lunch at what I deemed the Casa Bonita of Colorado Springs (you just know that 12 year olds in the area demand birthday dinners there), Fargo's Pizza. It's in a really neat building with lots of stained glass and Old Tymey decor, and the staff have to dress in period costumes which you can just tell they hate.

The pizza was ok, just your standard cheese-and-sauce-and-stuff fare but it was made fresh so that's something. The kids were thrilled there was an arcade!

I played Pac-Man. Poorly.

Back on the bus, we were home by about 4PM, and we were all exhausted. It was worth the trip, and I'm glad we went, but you can bet I needed a nap when we got home!

We went to The Kid's grampa's house for dinner and then I was out cold by 9.

I woke up with two absolutely fantastic ideas for posts. Thinking I was smart, I texted the basics to myself and...

And I really need a notebook by the bed.

The first was "time passing related to having children". I have no idea what that was.

The second was "dogs vs people"... and the only thing I really remember about that one was that I was likening people I love to be around and people I can't stand to dog breeds. Something about preferring a mutt who was loyal to a prissy, snarling Bichon Frise which, while pretty and cultured, would bite your hand in a flash.

Sunday was relaxing otherwise... I watched District 9, which I liked a lot although, again, I didn't really *enjoy* it... It was very bloody and had a very strong and somber message. The concept was good though, and the aliens were unusual and sympathetic and well thought out as far as their design and language and mannerisms.

Today it's back to work and one day closer to the new expense system I'm dreading, but kind of fun since I'm trying out a Balance Ball Chair that was left by a departing coworker. So far so good! It's supposed to be good for the back.

Time will tell.

Happy Monday!

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Dandy said...

balance ball chairs are supposed to be really good for you but i can just imagine forgetting and missing the ball.

I can so totally picture the servers in their period costumes. That stuff is made for movies I tell you.