Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thrilling Thursday: Musical Genius

So remember when I told you all about how The Kid was in Advanced Orchestra now?


They just *happen* to have been invited to perform at the CMEA (Colorado Music Educators Association) Conference this Saturday in Colorado Springs. Woohoo!

I'm chaperoning, which means I get to listen to a lot of different music groups while we wait for their turn to go on, and see any exhibits at the conference I choose.

They are playing some amazing stuff too, Vivaldi and Liszt and Mozart (oh my!).

I went to their dress rehearsal Tuesday night and let me tell you...

They are going to kick everyone's ass, and it's not even a competition!

If you didn't know these were 6-8th graders, you'd swear you were listening to a group of seasoned, adult professional musicians.

My favorite piece is definitely Hungarian Rapsody (the Liszt piece)...the kids seem to have a lot of fun playing that one.

It should be a fun day, if tiring... we have to be at the school at 6AM to catch the bus, but at least I don't have to drive!

Also thrilling...

Obama's speech last night. I thought it was great, and I hope the GOP sits up and listens. It's time for them to start doing their jobs and to stop being "The Party of No".

I won't bore you with a long analysis, but suffice it to say that although I never lost hope...

I have more of it now.

Happy Thursday!


Nova said...

Have I said how very proud of you and your mothering of such a wonderful/super/special/talented girl!?! As well as how proud I am of her and all her hard work?
Well I am and take video for me!

curegirl0421 said...

Aw thanks sweets... I'm pretty proud of her too. She's a fine kid.

I'll be taking a video and posting it Monday! It'll be bad filming, I guarantee it, but you'll be able to hear them.

Julie said...

You'd better take some vid!!! And did you catch the q&a BO did with the Repubs today? It was great!