Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Catchup: Through The Magic Baby Door

I had an awesome weekend. I hope you did too!

Friday night, after picking up The Child and her buddy from orchestra practice, we headed home and the girls played Wii awhile while I worked on finishing that huge book about which I promised you a book report, due tomorrow.

Am I done with it, you ask?

*Shakes Magic 8-Ball*

Answer Unclear. Ask Again Later.

Inquire within

Saturday morning The Child's grampa came and collected her, and I headed to Denver.

TR & I had a late lunch at Mead St. Station, including something called Poutine.

The online menu claims this features melted fontina cheese, but NO IT DOESN'T... it's Havarti, which is one of my top 3 favorite cheeses.

It comes in right behind Cojack, but only because I like saying Cojack.

Well I do!


After our lovely meal, we picked up some Happy Cakes (of course - it was 2 blocks up, what were we going to skip it?), then relaxed awhile before heading out to meet a few lovely people for dinner (Cafe Colore, which was wonderful), and then...


CRAIG FERGUSON! Live on stage and 20 feet from yours truly.

(Please tell me you know who Craig Ferguson is, you cheeky monkey you... if not, there will be an entire OOH LA LA post about him because he's my 2nd favorite Scotsman.)

Pic is from The Big Tease, a movie he was in awhile back

The venue was pretty meh. As TR put it, the entire staff seemed to have quit right before they seated us, causing the management to panic and hand clip boards and t-shirts and a hearty "good luck" to 5 random people outside. The seats were really cramped, which would have been okay but they wouldn't seat all 7 of our party in the same row despite us being the second group in. Plus, no bathrooms after the show - just shoved back out into the cold, cruel world.

Oh well, at least they didn't make us keep to the 2-drink minimum, because holy crap $8 mojitos.

The MC, Hippie Man, was very very silly and had everyone going, but the opening act, a guy whose name I don't even remember, was a turd.

He was sort of funny, which sucked (go with me on this), because he had me laughing at some stuff, and then he'd throw something horrible out there and it was too late, I was already laughing, and you know how that goes... your funny bone gets tickled and there's no stopping for at least a minute.

He made fat jokes, which is bad enough, but he made them directly at a guy whose seat was on stage. That's just really not cool, and it wasn't funny... just bullying. I hate comics whose funny is all about making someone else feel less-than.

Craig seemed to have noticed though, or at least that's what I saw... he seems to improvise a lot around his notes, and he made a point to look at the guy in question (and his girlfriend) when talking about how he likes some meat on the bones, plus gave the guy a hearty handshake on the way off the stage, AND made fun of "young comedians" who run around grabbing their junk for laughs on stage, which was the other half of the jerk's act.

If they're touring together, I'd like to think he gave him an earful for that one. One can only hope.

Anyway, Craig had me laughing so hard I really thought I was going to start crying... I can't recount the whole thing of course, but there were bits about the Scottish way of life, Andy Rooney being America's Grampa, playing clarinet in a heavy metal band (Staaaaaag!), and so on and so forth. He has a knack for just rambling about, but making his way back to the point eventually.

I don't know why I identify with that.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Anyway, he was great, although I would have enjoyed the last 15 minutes or so a lot more if I hadn't had to pee so bad.

(You know I'm all about the TMI, don't act all shocked.)

After being kicked out onto the street after the show was done (no t-shirts or anything!) we headed back to TR's brother's where I got to see my new favorite Wii game...

Lego Indiana Jones! It's awesome, although I would have appreciated it more if I wasn't on hour 20 of being awake. I hope they didn't think I was being rude, nodding off in the massage chair...

Back at the ranch, I fell asleep almost immediately and slept in on Sunday... hunger won out over sleep, however, and we headed out to Toast, a new place that just opened in the location of what was formerly a Village Inn. The funny thing was, they haven't changed the decor AT ALL, just the name on the door and the insert in the lighted sign.

I have a theory that they did this on purpose... you walk in, and expect Village Inn food (not bad, but your basic morning fare)... and then they BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF by giving you a plate full of unexpected joy.

I had some eggs and home-made potatoes... you can tell when potatoes have been frozen, and these were fresh-chopped quarters of red potatoes, baked with onions and a little olive oil and salt and pepper.


They do have some items on their menu that seem to have been created while having a serious case of the munchies, most notably the Maple Long John Stuffed French Toast (bavarian cream-filled long johns, dipped in french toast custard and cooked to order, although I'm not quite sure what that means - I'm pretty sure I'd want them cooked "all the way through", but that's just me) and Gravy Cakes (sausage pancakes covered in sausage gravy - we tried some on the side, being unable to resist, and the *side dish* portion of this would have fed a small army).

After heading back north later in the day, and dinner with The Kid's grampa & his fiance (I love that she loves dinner company), it was home and to bed.

It was a wonderful weekend. (Thanks TR, for all of it.)

Wish me luck this week... Freshman Registration night for The Child this Wednesday!


Ooh la la!


Nova said...

I must say the thought of Lexi starting High School next year freaks me out ( a little more than it should).

Julie said...

Ooh la la Jonas Bros is right - he's so funny

Ruth Covington said...

I LOVE Craig Ferguson. Might be my Scottish roots. I didn't know he was in town. Bummer; although, I probably wouldn't have lasted through the "Jerk" without getting my happy ass kicked out of the joint. :)