Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Totally Random Tuesday: Know Your Meme

I love Internet Memes.

It's amusing proof that most people are, when properly prompted, totally weird.

It gives me hope.

TR reminded me today of an awesome site called Know Your Meme, and although it contains a lot of stupid stuff nobody really needs to ever see again (I'm looking at YOU, Kanye West Imma Let You Finish people), it also has the Playing Dead group.

And the Rollercoaster Chess crowd.

And Pancake Bunny!

Take a look...

But I warn you...

Serious time suck, dead ahead!


Dandy said...

I'm still stuck on the playing dead ones! Did you see the school girls in the locker... I mean they are like folded in half and IN the lockers.


Dandy said...

The pancakes. Why can't I stop laughing? Total delirium.

And I have the urge to take a picture with a pancake on my head.

Elle Bee said...

AHHA!! Pancake bunny was hysterical...That guy..what's his name? I think he was a terrorist...and he had a pancake on his head. Hehehe, I totally guffawed at that. And Sarah Palin with a pancake crown. HA!! Now THAT was funny! And rollercoaster chess gave me a really good laugh! Playing dead was a teensy bit creepy, but I still giggled. Thanks for these...this is definitely something I've never seen before.

Elle Bee said...

Oh wow, that guy playing dead with his head in the piano! His body is so limp!