Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thrilling Thursday: Bueller?

Last night was Freshman Registration Night for The Kid, and we are both pretty excited about the whole thing!

She had been pretty intimidated by the "new school/where the hell am I" aspect of it all, but was reassured that the Freshman all get to start a day early so they can figure out where everything is, get an idea of how long it will take them to get from one class to the next, etc.

They also further explained the choices for classes... it's really amazing the input the kids get to have in their educational choices! I don't know about you, but I was instructed that I would be taking this, this and this... I didn't get much of an option.

Now it's like a college catalog!

There are 2 Math tracks - you choose depending on your learning style. We've decided (after a brief interview between The Kid and an extremely amusing Math professor who I fervently hope she gets) that she will do the IMP track, which is Integrated Math. They learn all different types of Math, and work them all together in problem solving. Fabulous!

Then there' s the Language Arts and History departments. You can do your traditional classes, but then there's an Integrated World Studies course track, wherein the Language Arts classes and History classes are taught simultaneously, with each class learning from and playing off of the other.

Their example was what they're doing right now. They're learning about WWI and territorial warfare in the History side, and reading Romeo & Juliet in the Language Arts side. The assessment for both classes, done as one big project, will be performing Romeo & Juliet in the context of WWI.

Doesn't that sound completely awesome?!

Then there's the Science group. There's really only one option for Freshmen unless they're really proficient in 8th grade Science (The Kid is not, though she does ok), which is Earth Systems, but it's the best class possible. They don't just learn about the different systems in play on our planet, they do it using real-world examples, including current events. They find out *why* things happen the way they do. That makes all the difference... the teacher called it "science literacy", which I think fits really well.

The Kid's school district really pushes the electives as well as core subjects; they are dedicated to the kids having a really well-rounded education.

They require at least one semester of PE per year, which is great, and the choices are extremely varied, like Net and Target, and Iron Works (The Kid's choice - she likes lifting weights). I think there was one called Search & Destroy, but I'm pretty sure that's only what I *wish* it was called... it's all about Capture-The-Flag type games.

She'll do Orchestra all year, of course, but we're trying to decide between regular Orchestra and the String Orchestra, which plays all around the community and at special events.

Decisions, decisions.

And you should see all the options for the other music groups! The Choral/Choir groups regularly go to competitions all over the country, and the Band made it all the way to Ireland to march in Dublin's St. Patrick's Day parade one year.

She's also taking French. She'll probably take it all 4 years, in fact; they have everything up to and including AP French, with an opportunity for an exchange program. I tried to convince her she should take Spanish, but it *is* an elective... it's her choice, really.

She may or may not end up with a 2D Art course (the prerequisite for any other art course there) - it depends whether or not she gets into the Leadership Academy they've started at this school just this year. It's pretty cool, but it's an application-based course and not everyone can make it in (they had 100 applicants this year but could only take 50). They learn about and participate in community issues, do job shadowing, learn about leadership roles and problem solving... all really important stuff.

Seriously, how good would being a part of that for 4 years look on her college resume?!

Last but not least, we got a peek at what kind of extra-curricular activities there are...

And there are LOTS.

There's the usual sports options, most of which require too much time for our schedule and her academic style. Basketball and Volleyball, what she would normally pursue, take up most of the evening of the season they're in... it would be one thing if she'd been doing them since 1st grade, was doing private league play, etc., but it was only for fun in Middle School. So we'll pass.

However, having said that, there is a Spring Girls Golf team. The Child about fell over - she wants in.

Then there are all the clubs! Robotics, MESA (Science), Ping Pong and Anime are a few that she was really excited about trying.

Now we just have to see if she gets IN to this school... we had to open-enroll, and while I'm not too worried, I'll feel better with the paper in hand.

Go Raptors!
High School.


I don't know if it's really Thrilling or more along the lines of Pants Wettingly Terrifying, but either way...

Here we come!


Julie said...

that is so exciting!

Nova said...

I hope she gets in and loves it to!