Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekend Catchup: Long Ass Weekend

Well hi there!

Miss me?

(Oh you did not, you big liar!)

I hope you had a lovely holiday... I did, even though it was way too frickin' fast for my taste.

That's the problem with anticipation - it makes the buildup take FOREVER, which is totally fun, but then blammo, it's over.

Two things about today's post:

1. You might notice a lack of photos. This is because I was way more preoccupied with not wanting to go back to work than I was with remembering my camera. This shall be rectified, I swear.

2. You might notice that my writing sucks today. I apologize in advance for this... brain-dump posts are never my best.

What I Did On My Winter Vacation, by Mimi Rickets

When last we spoke, I was enjoying some Christmas Day relaxing at my friend Nova's, and lo it was good. We ended up staying the night Friday (it was cold and windy and gross out, plus yay Strongbow), but headed out fairly early Saturday morning, as there was a lot to prepare and clean, what with all the family making their way to us!

Saturday & Sunday

The idea Saturday night had been to have a PJ party at The Kid's grampa's house with all of his various nearly-daughters-in-law, but we were seriously wiped out and went home early. LAME... but productive, since I ended up getting all my cleaning done really early Sunday morning, before heading back to his house for their family Christmas party.

It was lots of fun and full of yummy food like prime rib (oh so good) and merriment and Wii.

Always the Wii.


Monday morning I managed to sleep in a little (nothing like a day off work) but then it was up to finish the last-minute fringe on my mom's Christmas gift, and then out to first have breakfast with my aunt and uncle and then head to the airport to pick up said parental unit!

The Kid ended up staying with my aunt for awhile instead of joining me on my DIA run. It was good for them to have some time together, and it also meant a little time for me and my mom by ourselves, which was great!

It had been decided that since my cousins (the sons of my aunt, who drove in from Chicago) were flying in later in the day, rather than my aunt and uncle shlepping all the way to the airport, my mom and I would just hang down that way and pick them up instead, which worked well... we met TR for lunch (a lovely time), and then went to the enormous Dillards near the restaurant to shop a little.

I should note that I got properly measured for a bra while we were there, and I discovered that I am not the semi-normal cup size I thought I was, but rather that I have ENORMOBOOBS.

It's cool, but it was slightly shocking!

Monday night was fairly nice, except for the counselling session I got roped into. The good news is I managed to get that out of the way first thing, and was able to get through the rest of the week without a repeat.

Teenagers. (Not mine, though, no worries!)

We did our final Christmas gift exchange Monday night as well, what with my mom and the Aunt Family (AF from here on in) being all in one place.

Remember that shawl my mom made?

Yeah, it was for me. It is so much more gorgeous in person, I have to tell you, and MINE MINE MINE!

There were many other lovely gifts, really it was too much... but lots of fun.


We didn't really have much planned for Tuesday, so we slept in and then went shopping. Can you think of a better plan?

Yeah, me neither.

The Kid got to use her gift certificate for Borders, my mom picked up some 75%-off ornaments at Anthropologie and a very cute but very expensive pair of Levi's, and I had a headache.

I was so much fun I'm amazed they could even stand to be around me!

I felt better once we were back at home and I could snooze awhile.


A really cool thing about where I live is that I'm half an hour from Rocky Mountain National Park.

Know what they have there?


And that's what we did... oh wait til you see the pictures. I didn't photograph the enormous bruises on my legs (totally worth it), and I missed getting photos of my mother going ass-over-teakettle the first time down, but I did get some awesome shots!

Wednesday night's dinner is totally worth mentioning too, as it involved my mom's spaghetti sauce, the spicing of which she will not reveal to me, despite my desperate pleas.

Okay, I just asked once. Maybe if I beg a little, she'll relent!


Ah, New Year's Eve. I don't generally do anything with this day other than fall asleep by 10 PM, but this year I actually had PLANS! A party to go to and everything!

I hung with my mom and The Kid and the AF until about 7 (my uncle made home made pizza that was just killer), and then I headed to Denver to TR's brother's house for an actual party.

Things of note...

* Makers Mark & Coke is my new favorite drink.
* Too much of this makes me sing show tunes with strangers.
* TR knows a lot of really cool people that I'm glad to have met.
* I look a lot like TR's brother's girlfriend, which was amusing to everyone, but especially Herself and Myself.
* Wearing your fella's cozy wool coat while standing on a porch at Midnight on New Year's Eve watching fireworks go off in a sky that features a blue moon is an excellent portent to a great New Year. Take my advice on this one.

We managed to get to sleep at about 4AM... and I had to be up and out by 9:30AM.

I'm still not sure how I pulled that one off!


Did I mention that we got in late?

After managing to haul my butt home in time to change clothes and make myself presentable, The Kid's grampa picked us up and we all headed to The Stanley Hotel for a lovely brunch.

It's always lovely to have a meal at the Stanley; the location is gorgeous, the food is always excellent, and if you don't have to drive and can enjoy the scenery as you meander up the mountain to get there, it just makes it that much more awesome.

Thanks go out to my uncle, who sprung for the whole thing... it was very sweet of him and totally unnecessary, but appreciated!

Friday night was just me, The Kid, and my mom, home and eating pot roast that had been simmering all day. We had a nice time relaxing and spending a last bit of time together.


Well, we knew it was coming, but it still kinda sucked...

After a lovely breakfast, we took my mom to the airport so she could make her way back to lovely Tucson, AZ.

It's never long enough, but it's always nice to have her here!

The Kid & I did take a little time to mope, however. We're entitled.


You know, some people enjoy going back to work after vacation. I used to be one of those people.



Let's just say I think my New Year's Resolution is to start playing the lottery.

Work is for suckers!


Guess what I got for Christmas from TR, besides Wii Sports Resort and some Happy Cakes?

A passport.

Well, not an actual passport, obviously, there is paperwork to be done after all, but he's springing for it.

I just had to share.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday... thank you for being patient with my lame post today, and I promise pictures...

Well, I was going to say "I promise pictures tomorrow", but you know how it is.

So I'll just say SOON.

Happy Monday!

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