Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thrilling Thursday: Alternatively Connected


I'm getting rid of cable and getting the interwebs instead.

And it's sort of scary, in a vague sort of way... like I'm cutting myself off from something.

Is it just that I fear change? Maybe. But really, what's the big deal? What will I be missing, anyway? I mean it's the modern age; most anything I want to see is right there online somewhere.

And no commercials! (Mostly.)

It's become such a habit, I guess...

You move in to a new house, and what do you schedule? Phone. Electricity. Gas. Cable.

It's even on those pre-printed lists you get from the moving companies of local providers of things you need. It's in the top 5.



If I really want to know what happened on Desperate Housewives (DON'T JUDGE ME) I'll just look it up on Television Without Pity. I've done that before, after all...I could never commit to Lost, so I just read about it. It's like TV in book format.

But I digress... the important thing to note here is that I'm getting internet at HOME. Just think of all the mind-numbing blog posts I'll be able to do! (Try to contain your excitement.)

And The Kid is beside herself. Oh, the Facebooking she'll do...

I've never really worried about time limits on TV before (because she doesn't watch much), but Facebook?

There may be a timer in our future.

Trivia tonight... wish us luck! (That would be the royal us, and the Bastard Children of Fill In The Blank us.)

Happy Thursday!

(PS... I've been trying to stick to the for content format... opinions? Are you tired of my blathering?)

(PPS... Okay, now I feel bad. Here... but only because it's Carl.)

Makes me feel tiny, but connected... and it reminds me that life is short, so why waste time on anger and negativity?

Work is just work. Thanks, Carl.


Ruth Covington said...

When you get your interwebs, be sure to keep Lexie away from Apparently it is all the rage now and is very scary with many disturbing people participating!

curegirl0421 said...

Creepy!! Well we don't have a webcam, so that's good anyway... Thanks for the heads up Ruth!