Friday, February 5, 2010

F-Word Friday: Festivities

Well Happy Almost Birthday to my kid!

She's going to be 14 shortly.

She used to look like this:

She enjoyed mashed potatoes a lot more sans front teeth

She got a little older, of course, and a little taller...

The Kid and her BFF from Brownies!

... and clearly a lot more sassy.

Yes, sassy. Look at that face and tell me she wasn't just giving me a whole basketful of sass right then.

We moved to Colorado when she was just 8.

This face still occurs regularly

We've celebrated many birthdays since, and they've all rocked.

She's not a little kid anymore...

Heels? Really?

... but she's still my baby.

So not that short anymore

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter; I'm totally lucky.

Wish me luck tonight; I let her invite 9 friends. That means 10 teens in one house, with all the squeeing you would imagine that entails. I'm planning on earplugs.

In other news, I did GWD Trivia last night with the fabulous Chris & Robyn, and we came in 3rd! By only 3 points! Nice. I made a little bag for Robyn (as it was her birthday last weekend), and lo she was tickled.

I do so love giving presents. It's so selfish, but I really really do. And yet I hate getting them, I get all aw-shucks-lookin-at-my-feet. What a weirdo!

The Bastard Children of Lief Garrett!
Also, what's up with me in pictures?! Honestly, I'm not being hypercritical, but I look like I shaved my eyebrows, took a brillo pad to my head and am attempting to hide a cat in my sleeve. I blame the lighting.

One last little bit of F-word Friday... F is for Florida, where TR is currently enjoying palm trees and all that Disney has to offer.

He sent me a digital postcard, and he looks very content to be looking out at the water and wearing a tshirt in February.

Happy Friday, and here's hoping I can still hear at my current range come Sunday!

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