Thursday, August 5, 2010


I am soooo wiped out today.

I'm totally fine with it (sometimes being tired is just a price you have to pay for brainstorming and hanging out with your night-owl fella), but because I'm so out of it, you get a lame post!

That's the price *you* have to pay.

I am going to drag myself to trivia tonight. I promised, and our team is short since two of them are on vacation in Fabulous Detroit. Besides, The Kid wants to come with, and she's only got a couple more opportunities to do so before....


Dropping her off yesterday for the retreat, we sat in contemplation of the mammoth beast which is her school in less than 2 weeks.

She's pretty nervous.

I reminded her that she's going with friends, she'll know a whole lot of the Sophomores and Juniors on top of that, and assured her that most of the school is gym (so true - it takes up half the building) so really it won't be *that* confusing, and also reminded her that they give the Freshman a whole day to try their schedules out.

I also told her that I know once she gets into the routine it'll become exactly that, and she'll wonder what she was so nervous about.

Of course I said all that because I'm a supportive mom, but also because...

I'm anxious enough for both of us.

She's really showing her duality - that easily-flipped switch between My Kid and Teenager. Though she had just been having a heart-to-heart in the car, once I handed over the check to the nice lady at the sign-in desk and The Kid spied one of her friends, it was "Bye, Mom" with barely a glance.

I was smiling as I walked away...

Because I know when I pick her up my big, bad, Derby-girl high-schooler is going to squeal like an 8-year-old when I tell her we're going to Arvada for trivia...which is next door to the candy shop.

She may be a BBD-GHSer (that's a mouthful!) but she's still my baby.

After dropping her off yesterday, I took myself home and, rather than be productive and make a shirt, I painted my toenails dark blue, read a book, and watched a really weird (but good!) movie called "Teeth". Click that link right there, but don't say I didn't warn you...


TR came by after finishing up his day, and we spent a nice evening coming up with ways to make him look like a polar bear caveman.

The sheepskin coat I'm going to concoct is going to take quite awhile, and so won't be ready for this year's Burn, but I think some of our other ideas are totally do-able on a fast track!

Purple furry boots perhaps - practice for sheepskin later - and I think a silky duster-like coat made to really fan out on the bottom (like Morpheus from The Matrix, but with less despair and misery). He's going to look AWESOME!


He already does, but you know what I mean.

Okay that was corny. I told you, I'm exhausted! I can't be responsible for the things my brain comes up with when I'm running on empty.

Happy Thursday!

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