Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I feel really accomplished!

Last night I managed to get all the pattern pieces cut for the robe, not only from the pattern itself (you sewing folks will know what I mean by that - it can be absolutely back breaking) but from the fabric as well! I even ironed the pattern pieces like you're supposed to. (I often skip this part - don't tell my mom.)

And I finished the hem on the copper experiment! Not the arm holes, though I did get them half-pinned... I just ran out of steam. That'll be done tonight, and hopefully so will most of the robe! It's not the neatest job in the world, but it hides the raw edges so there ya go.

The fabric looks absolutely fantastic, and I think TR will really dig the final result.

Yay for Kraft Krazy!

I have to tell you about my lunch yesterday, though. Our department went out to Braisserie Ten Ten, an absolutely delicious French (well, French-inspired) restaurant in Boulder which I love, just as a pre-Fall kickoff sort of thing.

I had been there once before several years ago with my friend Christine. Working at the University, I see a lot of receipts from professors for places I wouldn't have even thought to try but where they tend to eat on a regular basis, and this was one of those winners!

The food there is unbelievable... and reasonably priced (the most expensive lunch entree was 14.00) which appeals to me greatly of course! I had the Brique Poulet. The menu describes it as "salt and terragon crusted Petaluma Farms chicken" but it is not just roast chicken, trust me.

And the fried fresh green beans we had as an appetizer... oh my friends, you need these in your life! They were a special yesterday, but they really need to be on the menu as long as the beans are in season, in my humble opinion. They were lightly fried in tempura batter with a little bit of pepper. (They were also gone quickly!)

I would have taken pictures, but...

I was eating!

If you're ever in Boulder, I really can't recommend it enough.

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