Friday, August 6, 2010


I just re-read my post from yesterday, and...

"Wow" just really doesn't accurately describe my insanity.

I do ramble on when I'm brainless!

The good news is, I successfully wore myself out writing that sucker (and sending an unbelievably involved list of info to TR about his coat-to-be), and only had enough sense left to realize that I should not, in fact, be making an hour-long drive to Arvada (and the subsequent return trip).

I barely made it home from work!

So no trivia last night, which was fine - we were the Invisible Bastards!

Given my total exhaustion, I didn't get much else done last night, though I had intended to start working up a pattern for the coat mock-up I'm planning. Given the cost of sheepskin, I don't want to experiment on it, but would rather spend the extra time making multiple sample versions of cheaper material. They won't be wasted efforts, of course; because I'm me, I'm going to make the mock-up as cool as possible!

Anyway, that didn't happen last night. I was sleeping.

Today, The Kid is at her grampa's practicing her skating downstairs, though I hope she'll remember to not practice her baseball slides, but rather stick with practicing her upright skills - that concrete is wreaking havoc on her skates!

Her grampa's two step-daughters are coming in today. Some of you may remember me mentioning that his wife Tanya passed a few months back. It was a blessing! She had suffered with Alzheimer's and serious dementia for over 10 years, and the last couple had been nothing more than her body continuing to breathe and beat its heart. Her mind was long gone, and when she passed we all felt nothing but joy for her, that she was finally free of all that sickness.

We are going to at last put her ashes to rest tomorrow. She loved, in her last lucid years, to go to this one spot up in the mountains - it was the only time I saw her smile and laugh the last few years - and we'll be trekking up there to let her hang out there on a more permanent basis.

It'll be nice to see her daughters, too... they weren't the best at communication while their mom was alive, and I'm unfortunately pretty sure that once this is done we won't hear from them much anymore. I'm glad to have known them, however briefly, and wish them the best in the future! There's no bitterness - as we all know, relationships with parents aren't always what we wish they were, and these girls deserve to move on.

Well, I'm not one to leave you on a downer note (though I really do believe it will be a joyous thing), so here's a video to take you into the weekend... it's about the cutest thing I've seen all week!

Happy Friday!

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