Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tuesday's My Day Off, Don't Hassle Me

Even when I *was* posting daily before, I regularly skipped Tuesday most of the time since last November I designated it Tome Tuesday and that didn't really work out and... and... yeah!

It's still daily, it just might be a length of time more suited to a day on Saturn.

Not Jupiter though. Jupiter freaks me out. It has no solid surface!! It's like a cosmic jellyfish.

I know, I'm the only one berating myself for my nonconsistency (so not a word), but it keeps me motivated.


So TR is house hunting.

He has a pretty clear idea of what he wants in a house (namely no granite counter tops or cherry cabinets), and since he's got some time to do this it's proving really difficult to choose! It sucks to be in a time crunch, like I was, but it does have the upside of lessening the options.

The upside of options... shopping partners!

In hopes of getting some outside opinions (very smart - I mean I can barely buy pants without a second opinion), he sent the short-listed and B-listed groups to a couple of people, including me, which means I got to house-hunt vicariously, which I do sometimes anyway but not with the aid of an actual realtor sending listings! You know the stuff you find online is never a complete list... the realtors keep those good ones for their clients. Sneaky!

I found a few favorites (one with a 50's diner pre-installed, one with a stunning garden, and a Craftsman bungalow all had me wishing for a lotto win, as did this Frank Lloyd Wright number in Iowa - the location being its only downfall despite the flood damage from which it's still emerging), but tried to be helpful and commenty about the rest as well.

There were a lot and I'm not sure I was all that helpful since I had a lot of the same opinions he did, but I at least gave him some other stuff to consider, like sprinkler systems for big back yards.

Last night The Kid and I went to the Boulder County Fair for a little while to eat some unhealthy carnival food and visit all the animals. Today, of course, I'm suffering the after-affects of all that animal hair and hay, but it was worth it because of the baby bunnies and one-month-old foals.

I love the county fair! The food wasn't too bad, actually (well, except for the funnel cake)... smoked turkey legs, grilled corn on the cob... we skipped the fried Twinkies, though we were sorely tempted just for curiosity's sake.

There were lots of vendors there, naturally, and one caught our eye. Open Range is a locally-based internet provider that offers cheaper service than Qwest, and I likes to savings the money so I decided to give it a go!



Good thing it was a free trial, because it's running at probably half the speed of Qwest. I called them this morning to cancel my order, but they convinced me that given the free month, I should give them a chance to figure out the issue first.

Fair enough, but it better be damned amazing!

Last but not least (I say that a lot, huh?)... this was on the Craft:blog yesterday.

Yarn Bombing!

I'm not new to the non-destructive graffiti joy that is yarn bombing, but this is my favorite yet. I really need to start doing some of this!

Tonight The Kid is doing the sleepover retreat for her leadership academy thing, and I'll be working up my new clothing project and figuring out even newer ones with TR.

Happy Wednesday!

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