Monday, August 23, 2010

And we're off!

Well it's certainly a week for adventure, isn't it?

TR's headed out to the desert today - two whole weeks working and having fun and hopefully not getting too sunburned. At the very *very* least he is going to be the coolest cat there, with his robe (no, I don't have a picture DON'T JUDGE ME) and his fuzzy purple boots and Purple Robe of Cairo and so on and so forth. I had so much fun making stuff for him, and I'm already half-planning next year's selection because I have the Kraft Krazy as we all know.

There will be sheepskin!

Anyway so he's off on his journey, and today I start my very first official college classes! I don't really count that Accounting 101 course I took about a million years ago, though given the price of admission I wonder if I shouldn't look into that... think 18 year old credits from out-of-state schools count? Yeah me either.

Being the over-achiever that I am, I even already posted my first assignment for my writing class. It's a course aimed at "writing for the reader"... that means my blog posts will be even more awesome than they already are, right?



I think I may be in over my head here, kids... or I'm projecting. I know this shocks many of you, the idea of me freaking out over something.

Anyway, as promised, I will be sharing with you any amusing posts, and maybe even the responses (with names changed to protect the innocent of course, and assuming it's okay with the teacher).

Here's the first one.

The assignment was to write a brief paragraph describing how you got your name, in 250-300 words. It's meant as a tester, so that the instructor can tell you how you *would* have been graded if she was grading. I think that's absolutely fabulous... what better way to help you understand her expectations!

Okay here goes. Don't laugh.

"Each family, it seems, has stories of how poor Elspeth got saddled with her moniker, or why Grant Milford Plankton Hallingsford-Wattersworth (The Third - Gitzi for short) need all those names.

My name isn't nearly as exciting, though it's certainly added color to my life over the years (literally - I used to see it in rainbow colors, though I blame Punky Brewster for that). My father wanted to call me Mary, but my mom won out... "Jaime" called to her from the cover of a TV Guide, the enchanting name of some soap star or other.

The name has had its pitfalls over the years! It gets misspelled as Jamie, Jayme, even Jaimiey (not sure how that one happened). It gets misheard and mispronounced... you have no idea how much mail I get for Mr. Jaime, in Spanish, for various mens magazines and products! Spanish is a beautiful language, but I can't read it and I don't need a subscription to GQ. And in grade school, I got put in the boys gym class no less than 3 times... not as fun as it sounds, trust me.

My last name gets the same treatment of course... can you guess how to pronounce it the first time out? (Don't worry, nobody gets it right the first time.) I think it's the only argument for Mary having been the preferable choice - only one name to mangle!

Of course I do get one or two claims to fame... Jaime Sommers was the Bionic Woman, and Jaime Pressley of "My Name Is Earl" fame has no doubt suffered as I have.

In the end, though it took years to get there, I'm quite proud of my name. I can guarantee nobody else in the world shares it!"

Yeah. It's 8AM. I'm only freaking out a little bit. What have I gotten myself into!?

Happy Monday... I'm going to go locate a paper bag to breathe into.

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Dandy said...

You are totally going to rock that class- seriously. I don't know why you are freaking out because I am just so excited for you!!