Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thrilling Thursday: An Actual Real Live Post!

Quick, before I forget (as I sit eating a cold-chicken sandwich directly from my Disney Princess Fairy sandwich bag - oh but I do love the dollar store!), are some things that have just lately gone through my head.
  • Fields full of green grass and prairie dogs make them look like they're a bunch of farmers out in a field of tiny corn stalks. Very small, furry, plague-ridden farmers.
  • I'm having Trivia withdrawal. I have been finding myself looking for any opening to share random knowledge with others.
  • Making customer service people laugh is absolutely the key to getting stuff done quickly and well.
  • Olive-oil based low-fat mayonnaise is, I'm sorry, no substitute.
  • This is my new best friend:

My physical therapy doctor gave it to me today, and it is FANTASTICALLY FANTASTIC. If you've ever had a sore muscle ever, you need one of these. Trust me.

Well besides the hectic nature of year-end work crap, this week has been really full!

The Kid started volunteering at the library on Tuesday (after a brief interview Monday night - naturally, the librarian in charge of Teen Services loved her and wanted her there immediately, which only sounds like bragging if you don't know my Kid), and participated in Duck Tape Day, her very favorite activity every summer! She made another tie, but her creativity has really amped up. Whereas prior year's ties have been simply stripey, this year's involved a rainbow of carefully cut-out squares in a gradual rainbow pattern along a backdrop of standard grey.

Pictures, you say? What are these "pictures" you speak of? (I'm working on it.)

I gave her some cash so she could go get herself some lunch today. Try as I might to think of her as a young adult, I still can't help but hold on to this mental image of her having to reach up to the counter at the pizza place, although I know the reality is that she's old enough (and tall enough) that wait staff don't even give her a second glance. She's just another patron, a teen certainly, but no little girl. It makes me proud and a little verklempt all at the same time.

So after Duck Tape Rapture on Tuesday (she got to take home the leftover tape even!), she and her friend Maddie (of the November Friendiversary) went back to our house to veg out until I got home to cook a quick dinner before heading off to the Rhythm on the River volunteer training (this will be our 4th year!) and then back home for a disco nap before I, sucker that I am, took them to a midnight screening of Eclipse.

Me, who can't stay up past 10:30 without serious stimulus.

I made it though, and I have to say it was a pretty enjoyable flick! The actors seem to have relaxed a bit in their roles, the action was exciting, and there were quite a few tongue-in-cheek jokes thrown in for laughs. It is definitely my favorite so far.

It was, of course, as amusing as the first movie for sheer squealing; there's nothing quite like a roomful of teen girls amped up on excitement and hormones, although nothing quite matched the pitch-level of the group squee emitted when the first Big Kiss occured in the first movie. That was nearly deafening.

Oh, and double bonus! Previews included the new Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia movies (they're doing my favorite book of the series, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader). Both look fantastic!!

Wednesday, naturally, I was pretty wiped so I took the bus rather than drive half-awake. Despite my stupor, though, I managed to get lots of work done AND finally register for my first 2 online classes. I ended up deciding on a Math course (the only one I *have* to take if I'm going towards English as a major) and English 121, a beginner-level writing class. I figure those are good starter classes, especially since for now I'm going to be strictly online, and trying to learn that new method, amping up my schedule, *and* attempting to learn something I know almost nothing about is probably a bad combo.

I even managed to finish a sewing project, the bibs I had started for friends of TR who love them some Scottish Pride. I attempted to find a tartan or two from their actual clan, but that was tough to pull off despite the many options (that clan is a busy bunch it seems) though I did work the colors in at least. These are just more "inspired by" than the real thing. Like those horrible colognes at Walgreens!

Love "Diamonds"? Try "Cubic Zirconia!" It's the same, only different!

The colors don't really come through in the photo (since no matter what I do, everything in my house has a yellow hue in photos), but from left to right are a larger green/red plaid with a forest green back, a purple/green plaid with a pear-green back, and a green/blue/red plaid with a navy blue back. They're very cute, very soft and I hopefully not too small! I think the pattern was intended for infants, and I haven't held one in many a moon, so my judgment is off.

Things seem to be going back to normal, at least I hope so, so I hope to get back to a *really* normal writing schedule; I miss the daily challenge!

I can't promise it'll keep up once school starts (!!!!OMGWTFBBQ!!!!) but I'll do my best. Hey if nothing else, you'll all get to be my term-paper (or whatever they call them now) guinea pigs. LUCKY YOU.

Happy Thursday!

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