Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Facebook Made Me A STAR!

Okay see that title there? That title says "I've given up entirely on a weekly update for now, so my themes make no sense except to me."

Only shorter.

Oh, before I go any futher... HEY DANDY! I can't comment on your blog (or I did 5 times, which will make me look extra-crazy) so can I just say your recipe for the chocolate salted-caramel cake thing better come quick because OH YES.

Moving on!

So the weekend was nice, very relaxing with a bit of chaos, which is sort of the norm for me, yes?

Friday night I was *supposed* to go volunteer at the Rhythm on the River event, however I punked out because my car was making fun noises and I wanted to take advantage of some child-freeness to get it taken care of.

And can I just tell you, while I know my tolerance for cold is progressively diminishing, that Discount Tires was murrfurrin' COLD. It wasn't just me, either... there was definitely some tooth-chattering going on.

(As it turns out, the guy who rotated my tires - my vain attempt at correcting the noise - put the hubcaps on poorly and now I am down 2. Luckily I got up the nerve to call and complain, and they're replacing the whole set for me! Score!)

We had an early morning Saturday, so after some dinner with Melissa & her mom, The Kid & I went home and hit the sack.

Up and out by 6:30AM, we made our way to the festival and our 3-hour long stint as water bottle fillers which I must say was much harder than it sounded! It was pretty easy at first - fill a few, fill up more when those few dwindled - but as the crowd amped up we were scrambling like the cooks at The Weiner's Circle after a winning Cubs game.

There are *too* winning Cubs games, you take that back!


After finally getting relieved (we worked extra - a little penance for skipping out Friday night) we took some time to explore the vendors and grab some lunch, and then settled in to watch my favorite local band (I may have mentioned them once or twice), The Indulgers!

But here's the coolest part!

So I'm sitting in the front row, having moved up after the *excellent* bluegrass band had finished up (Oakhurst... they were really amazing!), and as they were going into their second song of the set, In Like Flynn, the lead singer looks my way and says...

"This one's for Jaime, who made it out and got in the front row! Well done!"

Okay I don't remember the exact words, but my name was involved and it was a real live honest-to-goodness shout out. That's all that matters!

Of course I had to buy another CD after the show, not only because it's the least I could do after that, but because I wanted to shake Damien's hand and say thanks and tell him how cool that really was!

Thank you Facebook!

So the rest of Saturday was pretty tame after that. The Kid & I were both pretty wiped, so we headed home and got some much-needed rest.

We managed to sleep late Sunday, then it was up and out for Rollerpunks once again! The Kid got quite a beating at the hands of her coach this week... they did something called a "Black Widow" amongst other things that looked like they'd kill me if I tried them (a full minute of falling to your knees repeatedly while skating in a circle!). She was hurtin' Monday morning!

After practice, TR took us to dinner at the thai place The Kid likes so much, and lent me a book on Epcot that is about blowing my mind... the thought and time that went into building some of the stuff there is absolutely unbelievable! These are not just false fronts and a little paint and signage... there's perspective, aging, detail that you wouldn't expect and maybe won't even notice - but the put it in anyway, just to be thorough.

This deeply appeals to my Kraft Krazy.

This week we have the second of Kid's two sessions of Girl Scout day camp, which includes the requisite S.W.A.P.S. (Special Whatchamacalits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere) that need to be created for - you guessed it - swapping on the last day of camp! We managed to finally find a use for the approximately 1 billion perler beads currently living in our house (and God help me if The Kid ever finds that website), thanks to the discovery of a perler bead board (usually the forms are just small shapes to fill in) at Michael's.

I was up until 11:30 last night making little "CD" trinkets (her camp counselor name).

There's nothing like the smell of melting plastic to really send you off to sleep right!

Also on deck this week...



Well, except for Saturday. The Kid, bossypants that she is, informed TR that he will be coming to our house for game night. This means of course that I need to cook something good, and I think that seeing as how TR's brother just came back from Nashville with some of his favorite barbeque sauce, I will attempt the cheater pulled pork recipe I found the other day.

It seems like it's easy enough that even I can't screw it up!

Just one question... what the hell is liquid smoke?!

On second thought, I'll make sure to have to have some chicken thawed, just in case.

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