Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thrilling Thursday: Two! In A ROW Even!

So I got this new computer at work yesterday.

It's super spiffy, even if it *is* a Dell!

It uses the Windows 7 interface, versus Vista which we bypassed entirely (thank goodness). Have you used Windows 7 yet? If not, there's one word that sums it up nicely...

Macbooky. (Yes I made that up, SHOCK!)

There's a toolbar on the bottom on which to stick icons (so your desktop is less cluttered), and the old windows themselves even look like what pop up in File Finder. It made learning the new setup a *lot* easier.

Of course there were problems... no printer recognition, which meant the whole afternoon was filled with IT guys trying to figure that out. They did, but deleted my bookmarks in the process!!

I had no idea how important that listing really was, but thankfully they still had my old one sitting around and were able to fix it, but not before I spent a good half hour or so trying to figure out how to rebuild! We're talking all my client files, all my bill websites...

Not to mention all my saved passwords. I know you're not supposed to do that, and I don't for really important, secret stuff, but for all my many vendor sites?! Oh it's a must!!

Restoring all those was a joy, let me tell you.

But it's all better now.

The only thing permanently gone seems to be my Webshots desktop, which sucks because I had a lot of cool pictures saved, but it isn't a tragedy. I felt it would be pushing it to ask for it back...

Especially since they installed Flash without batting an eye, even though you know they know it was not in any way going to be used for any business purpose...

Pretty much just I Can Has Cheezburger and The Daily Show reruns.

It pays to be nice to your IT dudes!

Anyway, as I was picking through what we at first thought was a restoration of my links, I discovered it was actually one from 2007! This means it included Live Journal.

Live Journal!!

Does anyone use that anymore?

I used to, I started my account in 2002, and kept it up pretty well for a long time, but eventually I just kind of slacked off. Posting daily became posting weekly became posting monthly became once a year...

And I don't want that to happen here. It's been a really long month or so, and I fallen out of the habit, but (long story longer, as someone cute and clever is fond of saying) I am going to be working hard to get back on a daily update, even if I have to resort to lazy posts...

Like tomorrow's, where I'll regale you with old posts from LJ that amused me.

(I'm still retiring F-Word Friday though. It was fated to fail. Hey! Double F-word!)

Looking through all that old LJ stuff, I relived a few unfortunate incidents, but also remembered some great things I'd forgotten.

My writing style, surprisingly (or not), is about the same now as it was then, which makes me extra glad to be starting up this English (maybe Art maybe Business who the hell knows) degree...

Maybe I'll learn some proper writing!

Or not.

Last but not least, I was looking back over the blog and saw that it has been really ugly and boring of late... no photos (I haven't been taking any), no video, nothing!

So here's something to break up all that dull.

'The Florist' from MORPHOLOGIC on Vimeo.

According to the website...

" Decorator crabs demonstrate a remarkably prescient instinct to be able process the information required to successfully camouflage themselves to match their preferred habitat. Unlike the typically fast-scuttling crabs of the mainstream, decorator crabs move at a deliberately slow pace to reduce being noticed.

This particular decorator crab species boasts a brilliant red exoskeleton that it has disguised with the zoanthids. The crab has carefully nipped individual zoanthid polyps from a larger colony and placed them upon its carapace (back) where they attach down on their own and continue growing. My experience suggests that it takes at least two days for a polyp to begin attaching down to new substrate. I have yet to observe the crab going through the whole process of zoanthid 'decoration', but clearly it is a very patient animal."

Crabs that decorate themselves! It's probably mostly for camouflage, but I'd like to think there's a little bit of flair to the process. You just know there's a percentage of these crabs that just pick any old zoanthid, just one maybe, and a whole bigger section that just tries to outdo each other with their displays.

Happy Thursday!

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Dandy said...

Ha, a bit of flair! That video is awesome- I can't wait to share with B.