Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Watch This Space

Hey remember when I was all "lookit me and my twice a week posting"!

The hubris... it burns!!

So, where to start.

I'll make it fairly brief so as not to make a huge-ass post full of useless info (oh wait, that's kind of my forte, no?).

The weekend was long, and short as well.

Long because I had so much running around to do, having promised The Kid that she could have a sleepover with 3 of her closest buddies, but short because my schedule has been so bizarre with this dog-sitting/house-sitting gig!

Switching back and forth between two houses leaves me a little discombobulated.

Anyway the sleepover was lots of fun, the girls had a blast and my grilling was a hit with nearly everyone! They all got along, due in no small part (I'm convinced) to the lack of cell phones.

Knowing that one of The Kid's friends is particularly bad about using the cell phone, and texting in particular, while with friends - something that irritates everyone - I decided to just call a total moratorium on cell phones for the evening. I stuck them all in my purse and locked the purse in my car, and voila!


I should be clear. At first I thought I'd go with the Easter basket method and hide the purse up in a cabinet somewhere they wouldn't think of, namely the topmost shelf above the coffee mugs. What I *didn't* think to do was check that the phones were actually OFF. Two of the girls actually had to hold another down when her phone started ringing, once she tracked the source like some kind of bat and discovered my secret.

I have never actually seen a girl go through text withdrawal before. It's not pretty!

So *then* the purse went in the car, and a good time was had by all. There was actual human interaction between the people IN THE ROOM! Amazing!

Sunday I took the whole bunch of them to watch The Kid's derby practice. It was super hot in the warehouse, so it wasn't too much fun for them, but despite their discomfort they all made a point to be supporters, yelling for her as she made her way around the track.

The Punks are getting to the point where they're ready to take their skills test (necessary not only to make sure they're up to par but also to earn their derby names - The Kid has decided on the hilarious Daisy Mayhem), and although The Kid wasn't chosen for the first round, she's really getting the hang of what's needed, and getting more dedicated!

It turns out her grampa's basement makes for a perfect mini-rink, being unfettered and flat concrete, although I had to make her stop practicing her knee-drops since she started tearing up the toes of her skates! Time for some toe-guards.

She spent the better part of Monday and Wednesday practicing. I've been breaking my vow and doing a little pep-talk coaching, but I've been careful just to parrot what I hear the coach saying. The Kid does best with repetition, so I'm doing *my* best to help her out. She loves it so much, but I fear she'll be hampered by her non-competitive nature.

Don't get me wrong, I *love* that about her - it makes her a fair person, and a rarity sometimes - but it doesn't exactly lend itself to the aggro attitude it seems is necessary to success in derby.

Which is totally fine - I'm just as proud of her as a B-team (or hell Z-team) girl as I am if she's a go-fight-win girl.

This week has been full of dogs, allergies and exhaustion. The dogs are disturbed by Mom & Dad's absence and so get anxious in the night. The Kid sleeps through it but it wakes me on the hour! I finally closed myself in a room alone last night and voila...

6 full hours. (That's pretty solid for me!)

So happy Wednesday... here's hoping you have had a lovely week!

And let's face it, here's my wish in advance that you have a great weekend as well, because if the beginning of this week is any indication, it's going to be another one-post week.

It's nothing personal, I promise!!

I love you all!

I'm just...


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Dandy said...

Cell phones and sleep overs- I am so out of touch :)

A noncompetitive derby girl?! Love it.