Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Weekend Wednesday WTF Catchup... Or something.

I'm not even trying to post regularly anymore, things are just too nuts! But here's a few updates for you.

I know you were waiting with baited breath.

(Where does that phrase come from? It just makes me think of worms and teeth at the same time and that's not a good thing.)

So the weekend! The weekend was nice.

Long, fairly uncluttered, and I got lots done.

Friday night The Kid and I had a nice dinner of pasta from Trader Joes (figures my Tucson souvenirs would be food), and just relaxed. Nothing exciting, really, but definitely a nice calm evening.

Saturday I was a sewing fiend!

One of my Trivia buddies, Mary, admired my black purse and requested one of her very own. Being that it's one of my favorite things to do (making things for others) I told her to grab some fabric and I'd whip it up...

Even I didn't expect myself to do it one day, but my ADD/OCD kicked in (it's a killer combo) and there it was!

I forgot how much pinning these suckers require, but in the end it came out really cute.

She chose a very Merimekko-style big poppy print which is just her taste (obviously, she did buy it after all) but is apparently also The Kid's taste, seeing as how she kept threatening to make off with it. (Mary said I could keep the leftovers, so I think a wallet will be in her future - a consolation prize.)

What you can't see is the lining, a simple but pretty Amy Butler print.

Thank you internet!

It's different but really a pretty good match!

Between all that Kraft Krazy, and the installation of my new disposal, there went my Saturday!

Sunday, being the 4th, The Kid and I both had firework-viewing plans, although this year they didn't mesh. She and I both had some barbeque with her grampa and related family, and then she stayed with them and I headed down to Denver to watch the show at Mile-Hi Stadium.

Ours was a bit late, due to the unusual and determined downpour (which was fantastic, by the way), but in the end it was impressive and grin-inducing fun!

I love fireworks.

They're so unapoligetically noisy.

And after was another of the best burritos I've ever had in my life, from a drive-through 24-hour Mexican joint that you would swear would give you 3 different kinds of intestinal dissatisfaction, but in fact is amazingly delicious!

Sunday brought a first for me... Gunther Toody's, a 50's themed diner along the lines of Ed Debevic's (for you Chicago readers). The waitresses seem a little jaded in their "Later, Gator" exit greeting but considering it wasn't full of screaming children (which TR told me is the usual state of the place) I figure it was more auto-pilot, calm-before-the-storm quiet and less forced gaity.

Of course I could be over-thinking it.

I do that on occassion.

ANYWAY after lunch we headed to the largest Bed Bath & Beyond I've ever seen in my life so TR could grab some Hercules Hooks (they work so well, really I can't recommend them enough!) and then it was back home to take a nap because why not?! What good is a free day off from work if you can't freely slack.

Oh! And TR & I also started looking at stuff for an upcoming trip to Disney World! I feel like a kid about it all, actually. I've never been (I went to Disneyland once when I was little) and I am ridiculously excited! I've promised The Child I will bring many goodies back with me, since she'll be in school at the time (FRESHMAN YEAR OMG) and not coming with us. You can bet that a set of mouse ears will be in that lot.

I don't think it's wrong to go to Disney without kids in tow, do you?

Monday night The Kid and I had some dinner with her grampa (grilled talapia, YUM) and then headed home to watch The Lovely Bones, which had I not read the book I would have liked better.

We also very nearly disassembled the couch looking for earwigs. It's that season, and they do find their way in, but since I'd seen 3 in as many days next to or on the couch (which is by the front door), I finally cowboyed up and pulled the cushions out to search for a nest.

There wasn't one, thank goodness (I've had an infestation once in my life, in a gross apartment - my first, how charming!) and trust me, there's no mistaking it. I felt better for having checked, though.

Remember when I said I was getting Terminix in the fall?

This is why.

And now I have cooties again.

Tuesday was full of physical therapy (ow - but getting better!) and lots of work, plus dinner with my friend Melissa and her mom, who is in from out of town. There's an Irish pub in downtown Longmont whose name I contantly forget, to the point where I finally listed it in my checkbook this morning as "Murphy O'Slappy's" because I just couldn't come up with it. Though I finally remembered (it's Mike O'Shay's) I think it's going to be permanently re-monikered, at least in my own head.

Tonight, Triva in a new location (The Rio in Fabulous Greeley Colorado) and a very large margarita (their specialty!) while The Child babysits her cousins. And it's rainy and cool - it hasn't even broken 60 degrees today!


Happy Wednesday!


Ruth Covington said...

Can't believe you had never been to Gunther Toody's. Mmmm... gravy fries.

Disney World without kid(s) in tow is perfectly acceptable! I LOVE that place and in fact am highly anticipating winning the lottery so I can buy one of the houses they are building on park property! :)

curegirl0421 said...

Yeah I had this weird negative connotation - it was the first "new" restaurant I saw out here when I moved 6 years back, and it was right before I saw the apartment I'd rented online in person...

And had a massive panic attack as I watched all my careful plans disintegrate!

It was horrible... and I just never got past it! But thanks to TR I now know where to get the absolute best French dip I've ever had.

I'm sooo looking forward to Disney... TR has me totally jazzed about all the awesomeness that awaits! He got reservations at some hard-to-get-in restaurant in the Canada section at Epcot, so double bonus. :)

Dandy said...

Love Disneyworld and you most definitely don't need to go with a child. If you have the time go to Epcot too!

I agree with your Lovely Bones assessment.