Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nerditude, The Doctor Edition

Okay you know I love Doctor Who, right?

Well TR reminded me this morning of The Timelords (actually KLF) who did this awesome mashup (before there were such things) of the Doctor's theme song and Gary Glitter's stadium favorite Rock & Roll Part 1 (or part 2, take your pick).

I remember actually having an argument with someone who insisted that "Doctoring The Tardis" (though we didn't know the name back then) was, in fact, the Doctor Who theme. I don't remember who, but I was pretty young, which just goes to show you that my nerditude is not new!

The fun thing with Youtube, of course, is that it suggests all kinds of amusing stuff for you to watch that you would never have known existed otherwise!

Like the sendup on Top Gear...

Or the Dalek Workout, which is slightly intolerable but still amusing by way of its mere existence.

Don't say I didn't warn you... you'll feel the need to cough about every 5 seconds.

The best one, though, was one I couldn't imbed for you...

Say hello to the sofa of reasonable comfort!

Now I need to go watch some Black Adder. Damn my schedule!!

Happy Thursday!

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