Saturday, July 10, 2010

F-Word Friday: Finale

Okay I'm officially retiring this theme. I'm totally out of F-words that make any sense.

Well, I'm often out of *all* words that make sense but usually only toward the end of the week!

So Wednesday night, I, The Traveling Geek, drove my butt way up to Fabulous Greeley Colorado for a new (to me) location of Geeks Who Drink. There is no photo of us there as the Quizmistress only takes pics of the top 3 teams and we came in 4th - not bad considering the winning team cheated, though I forgive them because of their name... The Evil League of Evil. If you know me at *all* you know why!

Still though... bad form, ELE! We saw what you did! And we'll be watching.


Anyway, the margarita I had was fabulous (it's the best thing going at The Rio), however the soup I had was... well, let's just say I won't be getting it again. It was tortilla soup, but while the ingredients had me expecting something akin to my favorite soup at Ajuua!, what I got was a bowl of taco-seasoned chicken with a chunk or two of avocado thrown in for color and the liquid from the taco-pan tossed in so it looked like soup. It was the saltiest damn thing I have ever eaten, and I like salty foods so that's saying something!

Even still, the quizzing was good but TOUGH! There was a whole round on documentaries that nobody liked, which made me feel better about the fact that we got not *one* question right on that round.

Thursday's quizzing down in Arvada was much more rewarding, with a 3rd place win for the Bastard Children of Your Name Here... we were all a little overwhelmed this week, I think, so lazy won out over clever.

The best part of Thursday's D-note amusement, however, was the new feature... Karaoke after the quiz! I did not sing, as I had to drive home and so couldn't ingest the requisite amount of alcohol needed to get me up on stage, but I did have fun hearing everyone else, and the catalog is great so it could happen. Someday... if there's rum. I was heartened to see that everyone was in it just for fun and the stage is set up so that you really can't see anything or anyone past the monitor, so I think I could actually do it.

If I do, it will either be All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun by Cheryl Crow, or Good Morning Heartache by Billie Holiday.

I am a strange girl.

Friday was pretty quiet at work, thankfully, which gave me a little slack time to start getting really excited about the upcoming Disney trip! The resort is GORGEOUS, the food looks amazing, there is *so* much to do there, and of course (glurge alert) a whole week with TR, no work deadlines or time obligations hanging over me, will be lovely and relaxing. (Hey TR... in case I forget to tell you... I had a great time, and thank you!)

This weekend will contain Rhythm on the River once again (our 4th year, their 15th!), including a 12:30 show on Saturday by my favorite local Irish band, The Indulgers! I'm excited.

Have a wonderful weekend, stay cool and do something fun!

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