Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Tarantula!

You should go listen to some Bob Schneider.

I know what you're saying... "Who?"

He's a very talented, funny, occassionally deeply raunchy and completely prolific singer/songwriter (are we supposed to use that term anymore?) who's been around for many a year now, and despite a huge and rabid fan base often gets that "who?" look (I was guilty of this myself).

Today, I'm doing my part to change that, because I have seen the light.

So go visit his music site... It contains tons of his songs for your listening pleasure (generous, in my opinion), plus what amounts to really amusingly bad answering machine messages as information about each song (I leave really awful ones myself - I know my own).

Go! (He, like myself, enjoys using swears - fair warning!)

Also, listen to this song, which has been in my head all weekend...

...and this song, for which I now know the dance, which is good because it makes me shake my ass a whole lot and I need something to do with my hands so I don't look like Elaine.

Also, my mother will love it.

Not the best video in the world, and not the whole song, but you get the idea

He was just in Boulder & Denver last week, and I am lame and didn't go but I am so happy to finally be on the Bob Train. Thanks TR! You always have the best music.

Friday night was lovely, and involved the best pizza I've had in ages, plus Star Trek and lots and lots of music and lovely conversation and that redhead I may have mentioned a time or two. Really what more could I ask for after a long week?

(Cannot... resist... grammar... correction... For what more could you ask? Ah, that's better. Like scratching an itch in the middle of your back.)

Saturday and Sunday were sleep-in kinds of days, which is exactly what I did. I hope you had a chance to do the same!

Happy Monday!


Elle Bee said...

HA!! I totally thought this was going to be a post about you finding a tarantula under your bed or something!
Mmmm. Sleep in days....I'm looking forward to those! :o)

curegirl0421 said...


I hope you enjoyed the music!

Julie said...

Tarantula! Love love love it (you are always right) - I am now a fan of Bob