Friday, December 4, 2009

F-Word Friday: Funnies

Okay kids I am totally swamped this week... so you get another lazy post.

I will write something totally scintillating next week, about war and peace and the nature of our humanity...

But for today, you get the following video, which made me almost get in trouble for guffawing out loud in my office.

My boss really wanted to know just what was so funny - I had to make something up about how the invoice I was reviewing was just too ridiculous to be believed.

Happy Friday!

Alan! Alan!


The first one up there made me think of the following, so here it is... your double-bonus obscure music of the day. You're welcome!

Ellen! Ellen!

PS... I totally didn't know this was a cover of ABBA song until right this minute.


Ruth Covington said...

So, Tom's wondering what *I'm* guffawing about now! Thanks! :)

Elle Bee said...

THAT was FUNNY!!! The prarie dog one was hilarious! I had to call my husband over to watch.