Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thrilling Thursday: Suck It, Lieberman

Okay so I lied... a new post despite my lack of internet!

Is it a Christmas miracle?!

Nay, just TR's Mac.

You always hear this Mac vs. PC stuff, but I don't know, seems like the same thing, just with different icons and a slightly different keyboard with symbols like "Command" instead of the little Windows icon.

And of course my Windows keyboard shortcuts don't work, not that it stops me from trying them EVERY SINGLE TIME. I'm a slow learner.

Anyway, I dropped in because I feel that you need to see something.

Okay well first I just need to share my utter joy that the Health Care Bill passed this morning. Merry Christmas! It's imperfect, and still has a little ways to go before it's really in place, but it's something!

I mentioned James Lileks awhile back, you might recall, and he is as yet not done with his quest to find print items from days of yore for us to apraise and appreciate.


How To Gift Wrap, courtesy of Patricia Rhyll, Ben-Mont Gift Wrapping Stylist.

She looks a little lit, actually. Think she's been hitting the 'nog a bit early.

Why don't I have that job? I want to be a Gift Wrapping Stylist.

Enjoy, and have a WONDERFUL Christmas Eve! Might even have a post for you tomorrow, if I can convince my friend Nova to let me borrow her computer.

Try to contain your excitement, and be safe! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!

(That leaves you open for ridiculous amounts of eggnog and cookies, followed by Tums and a sense of gastro-intestinal regret, just in case you were wondering.)

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Nancy said...

Now you figure out if that's ok you can use my computer or ok you can try to convince me.
Love ya!