Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekend Catchup: Wherein I Blame Others For My Forgetfulness

I think next year I'm just going to buy everyone's gifts.

(No I'm not.)

I mean, it's just so much easier, and really what difference does it make?!


It's exhausting trying to make all these gifts for everyone!!


Then there's the unexpected winner gift. The one where you spend EONS making it just so, and then look at it and declare it offensive, but complete, and it's too close to Christmas to start something else, so you wrap it and hope for the best, but in the end it is a delight to the recipient.

Those make all the trouble entirely worth it. And remind you not to be so critical of your crafting skills.

No photo yet of the gift I'm thinking of (the elusive TR used his Jedi mind tricks on me to keep me from remembering to get a pic of him in his authentic Tom Baker-era Dr. Who scarf), but it shall be done.


Yes, it was early, but he needed a Christmas present.

He drove all the way up to the boonies to see me on Friday even though we didn't actually have plans (I quite possibly discussed having any such plans with him only in my own head. I do that sometimes - tell me you do too and make me feel better!), so it was the least I could do to give him something to unwrap and enjoy, which he did!

He also informed me that it perfectly fit around and protected 2 liquor bottles in his backpack on the way to a party the next night, so it's many purposes have begun to emerge. I bet it would make a great escape hatch from a first-floor window (maybe second floor after it's gotten stretched a bit more). Life as a hammock/floor pillow for 2 stripey cats is no doubt in it's repertoire... it remains to be seen.

Mainly though, it's warm and cozy, and just right for late-night snowy walks looking for ones T.A.R.D.I.S.

Really, was the invisibility function a *good* idea? Perhaps not.

(I am having a stream of consciousness sort of day. My apologies.)

We had delicious Mexican food at Ajuua!! (you have to say it with an exclamation point and jazz-hands, or at least I have to - I'd never make you) in fabulous Niwot, Colorado. They have this thing called Azteca Soup, which is chicken broth with pieces of grilled chicken and tortilla and a bunch of cheese and cut up avocado. DELICIOUS.

Of course it was just a bowl of soup, so I ordered a tamale on the side so I wouldn't be starving later, but I didn't realize it would be your regular tamale, only covered in a bunch of stuff and on a big plate, so it looked like I was having two meals like a giant cow. It was tasty though, so whatever.

Anyway, then it was back home to watch more Rick Steves and plan trips to Britain for later; I think that's my favorite thing about watching his show, is the trip-planning. Will I ever actually go to all these places? Maybe not, but I know what they look like so that' s something.

I did make a selfish-parent decision though...

The first time I do real travelling, wherever it may be, I'm not taking The Kid.

I know, so mean.

But I want to experience it as myself, not as somebody's mom. I'll take her later. Or she can go with her friends, because I know she won't want to see the same stuff I will ("The train museum, mom? Really?"), and besides I want to be able to do things like get silly on the various and glorious alcoholic beverages to be had in Europe without having to completely forfeit my Mom Authority Card.

Or maybe I won't let her go with her friends, since I saw "Taken" over the weekend on cable and now I'm convinced she'll be kidnapped by Albanians.


The rest of my weekend involved a whole lot of crafts... a cape, a bunny, several birds...

And not even one photo. The Jedi Mind Trick was apparently time-release, but I'm good now so I'll get on those photos tonight, I swear!

Because I know you're just DYING to see the crap job I did sewing little eyeless birds and the most terrifyingly ugly bunny IN THE UNIVERSE.

Actually it's sort of cute. Just in an ugly sort of way. It's for a 1-year-old, and it's squashy and has no swallow-able parts, so she'll love it. Everyone else can just look away if the Fug Bunny is too much for their tender eyes.

I hope you had a lovely weekend; this morning I was treated to the following photo and a new website of captioned photos (one of my very favorite things)... Epic Win FTW. Slightly redundant title, but it's okay when you have this:

I wish my Starbucks was this cool.


Dandy said...

Whats it like to be so talented?

I really enjoy your stream of consciousness type of days!

Dandy said...

I agree with the jazz hands by the way.

Dandy said...

And the multi-functional scarf.

curegirl0421 said...

See why I love her, Internet Community?

Julie said...

1) GRAMMAR POLICE!!!!! Go find it yourself, you bad, bad girl;
2) I totally see why.