Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Time Waster Wednesday - Bacachun

Okay, so I'm behind the times...

I have no home internet.

This means that unless I miraculously make my way to someone else's house that *does* have the interwebs, you shall not hear from me until the new year.

It's okay, dry your eyes... I'll be thinking of you! And I'll miss you!

And just think, it'll give me all kinds of time to come up with entertaining tales to tell, and I'm sure I'll have bunches of pictures. Just bunches.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL holiday, full of calm and no malls of any kind.

And lots of cookies.

I think it might be impossible to get a better version via YouTube, but you get the idea. I always loved this!

Thanks to the Formerly Almost Mrs. Ms. Dandy (Mrs. B for short) for reminding me that it's just not Christmas without Kenny & Dolly.

It's not! Don't look at me like that!


Dandy said...

It really isn't! ~stare~

I'm trying to influence everyone with the evil eye.

Seriously, no home internet? But. But. But. ~sniffle~

OK, I guess. I could totally do without TV but I cannot do without internet. Maybe you're on to something though.

Dandy said...

Formerly Almost Mrs. Ms. Dandy

I LOL every time I see that.

Julie said...

I love Dolly. I remember watching her show with a certain 6 year old, who knew all the words to "9 to 5", among others. Wasn't Kenny Rogers cute before he screwed up his face?