Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weekend Catchup: Pinchy

Another long weekend, which is lovely of course except when you have mysterious pains in your neck.

Not the figurative kind either; mysterious pains in the neck of the amorphous kind would be much preferable!

Instead I have what appears to be a pinched nerve bundle under my scapula or similar.


I'm trying not to complain of course, because I hate to be a pain, which means I'm overextending myself like a moron.


The weekend really was lovely and fun!

Friday night The Kid and I had a lovely evening in. Movies were watched, dinner enjoyed, laundry completed (I liked that part anyway).

Saturday morning I got up early and got the house cleaned so I'd be all motivated to take my placement tests at Front Range. I'd sort of been putting it off based on the website's assertion that I should plan on about 3 hours all told, and it was only Saturday that I finally had a whole morning to dedicate to the process, and...

Okay this is going to sound really arrogant. Prepare thyself.
That was the easiest thing I've done in a month.

20 math questions, 20 sentence structure questions, and a 600-word essay. I was done in an hour and 15, and only that long because I don't remember how to consolidate fractions in algebraic sentences.

They gave me my results right away and it was recommended that I:
  • Take Algebra I (not surprising - I took Algebra probably 18 years ago)
  • Take the CLEP (I thought this meant Cumulative Life Experience Placement, but apparently it's College Level Examination Program) test to get rid of whatever English credits might be basic requirements, since my scores were ridiculous.
I'm not sure I'll do that, because I don't know if those CLEP credits are transferable, but it's good to know that if I do have to take those basic English courses, they'll be a breeze.

Told you... I am arrogance itself. Someone should slap me.

Or remind me of my Algebra score.

So, having completed this task early, I ran a few errands then went back home to relax out of the heat.

Saturday night, of course, was the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls bout, wherein they absolutely slaughtered the Charm City girls, 214-77 which is just ridiculous! I agreed with TR that I felt bad for the Charm City team (they didn't quite know what hit em').

Looking over the DNN (Derby News Network) listings, I see this kind of point difference isn't all that unusual, so I feel a little better for them, but still...


RMRG is holding steady at #3 nationally out of the top 25, right behind Washington's Oly Rollers and New York's Gotham Girls.


Sunday morning I made a big breakfast (thanks to help from TR, my right arm being mildly useless) and we relaxed in the A/C awhile before heading back to Denver for Rollerpunks practice, and can I just tell you, The Kid got to be a jammer! Not only that, she quickly made herself LEAD jammer, and got to call off the jam and everything.

I know this might sound like Greek to you, but trust me, I was very proud of her.

After dropping TR at home, The Kid and I made our way back home (after a quick visit with some family in from out of town) and packed her up for her trip to Tucson Monday afternoon.

It's a bit of a hike out to the airport and back, so I just decided to take the whole day off, and after seeing her on her way (without incident - although we were mildly worried because I started talking about B1 bombers and The Kid smartly said "should you be talking about that in here?"), I headed to TR's to "help" put his A/C unit in the window, which means I was decorative.

We also folded up an enormous 50-star American flag (easier said than done), and hung up the 48-star gem he found online recently. It's beautifully aged, hand-made (you can just tell), and you can feel the history coming from it. It's really unfortunate that a lot of these giant flags you can purchase here and there online are actually casket flags. They graced the last ceremonies of men and women who died in service, and it's really rotten that their families didn't see any point in keeping the symbol.

I wish they embroidered the names and relevant dates on those flags - there could be a museum donation option instead of having thousands of these flags being sold on eBay (callously displayed on the floor, which is just adding insult to injury) or moldering in basements.

Despite my sore arm, it was a lovely evening! We had dinner at Racine's which was absolutely delicious - the best I've had there yet - and then I got to listen to some live music among friends, which put me to sleep, not because it was dull but because it was so completely soul-soothing that it was nothing if not a lullaby.

I hope I didn't snore...

This week should be pretty tame. I have an all-day dentist appointment Wednesday, which sounds more awful than it is since I get a break (during which I'll be going to a new-student advisor orientation in advance of seeing an advisor myself), and I plan on getting some sewing done and catching up on Torchwood (I love that show - thank you Netflix).

Oh Captain Jack, you naughty thing you

Happy Monday!

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