Saturday, June 12, 2010

F-Word Friday: Is This Thing On? Oh Um... Frenetic!

Hi kids!

Miss me?

It's been a hell of a week, let me tell you. Oh nothing along the lines of oil spills and crippling unemployment, sure, but it has been a long and (clearly) time consuming one!

Let's see if I can remember... I'll set the wayback machine for Tuesday, when I posted last.

Tuesday was fun - a day of alternately whining about my stupid arm and scanning invoices.

Woohoo! Hold on to something, I don't want your excited freakout to cause you injury!

I ended up leaving early, actually, it was just too tough to sit at the desk anymore.

The one good thing that came out of it, however, was the realization that the cause of this injury is my job - at least I have a place to start in my attempt to remedy the situation and keep it from reoccurring if at all possible. The scanner is behind and to my right, and I have to reach behind and to the right a LOT to do the job, and the answer seems to be to move the scanner so that it's in front instead.

It also means I'm *just* ridiculous enough to be able to hurt myself with a scanner.

My life

Wednesday was extra SUPER DUPER fun... I got to take my sore arm to the dentist!

It was a necessary thing, and thanks to the kindness of one of the practice's doctors I didn't have to pay a dime, but it still sucked ass a bit. I have stubborn nerves, and even after 4 face-numbing shots of novocaine I could still feel about 50% of the drilling on the right side.

NOT FUN. But at least he was quick!

Wednesday night, as you can imagine, was full of a lot of me laying on the couch wishing for soup and generally feeling sorry for myself, drowning my sorrows in Captain Jack Harkness.

Obsessed? What do you mean exactly?

I finally gave up on the pity party though, in favor of some egg drop soup from my favorite local Chinese joint. It helped immensely!

Thursday I woke up and decided that it was going to be a better day. Do you ever find yourself needing to do that? Just suck it up and say "I can either be a crabby bitch or slap a smile on and hope for the best"? I was 75% successful.

I kept busy, but there was more scanning so by the end of the day - you guessed it. I had TR & Trivia to look forward to, though, so I slammed so more Ibuprofen and got on with it.

I got to drive through an absolutely glorious storm (I took a picture but I swear I was stuck in traffic at the time), had some delicious breadsticks and a glass of wine, and though we came in 4th or so, it was a fine showing.

High: Reiki from one of our tablemates. I slept better that night than I had in a week.

Low: 4 Non Blondes singing. Loudly. I hate that frickin' song, you know the one. I mean I HATE IT. I hate very few things in life, but for whatever reason that song is right up there.

Chris & I plugged our ears, but while I suffered in silence it drove him right over the edge after about 3 minutes.

Think Ralphie in A Christmas Story when the bully finally pushes him too far. I think it's the only time I've ever laughed while that song was playing, but I'm sorry it was at the expense of his sanity.

And bonus! I got my new phone! I love you, Verizon.

I keep wanting to call it a Truckin' Convoy

It's simple, but sturdy (good thing, due to my helmet-needing ways), has a great camera, CNet likes it, and it has a low radiation level. (I don't want to cook my brain too quickly.)

Friday was a better morning than I'd had all week, thanks to a large supply of Advil liquigels (thanks TR, you take such good care of me) and that reiki - I'm convinced!

Sure enough though, about halfway through the workday, it all started going downhill again. Shooting burning pain, etc. I finally mentioned the scanner thing to my boss and lo a light was shined into my life...

It qualifies for Workers Comp.

So I left early again, and headed to the doctor. An exam was had, x-rays were taken, and although I wasn't able to actually get the prescription he gave me for steroids for various reasons (just as well - I'm not sure I want them), I felt like I had taken steps.

Sometimes, just taking action can be enough to start you on the road to recovery.

Friday night I just kind of hit my limit for the week. It was gloomy, it was rainy, and while normally I like that sort of weather, after a weeks worth of ick I just couldn't deal. I didn't want to be alone, and thankfully Melissa was available so we had some cheap Mexican and watched a few bad movies.

The best one...

Oh. My. God. Sex, blood and drag queens. WIN!!! Melissa & I loved it!

This weekend is a mystery... not sure what I'm going to do! The Kid is still in Tucson, and I'll definitely be down in Arvada tonight for a U2 Is Missing party and hopefully a little live music, but beyond that, who knows?

This weekend I'm living the life of the unfettered, but slightly crippled.

Anything can happen!

Happy Weekend!

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Dandy said...

"I can either be a crabby bitch or slap a smile on and hope for the best"? I swear this is going to be my mantra this week!