Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Catchup: Hella Hot

I don't do well in heat.

This is not news to those who know me, but it still seems to surprise me every time!

Sometimes it's okay, like if I'm in the shade, or a pool, but just out and about? Not so much.

I AM WUSS... hear me kvetch.

Thursday night, I should just briefly mention, we watched a movie called An Education. It was lovely to look at, had a great soundtrack and excellent costuming and lovely filming, and featured Peter Sarsgaard doing what he does best - being a bit of a bastard.

He's so cute though - even more so when he's
not photoshopped into looking like Ewan McGregor.
Not that I don't love Ewan!

Friday night we went out for sushi at Sushi Garden, which features an all-you-can-eat-for-twenty-bucks special. This is fun, of course, and a great way to try a few different things, assuming you remember that each item you choose is by the ROLL and not the PIECE. My stepdad ended up with a massive amount of California rolls, much to our amusement. Live and learn!

I had a particularly good pick, the Tootsie Roll, which was some kind of something sushi-like (it all kind of melds together after awhile, doesn't it?), but with the added bonus of being rolled up in tempura flakes and drizzled with some kind of soy sauce or other.

I admit I'm still a bit mystified by the presence of sushi in the desert, but it's the modern age after all. Thank goodness for freezer trucks!

Saturday my mom was able to get off work (yay!) so we spent some time running hither and yon.

After the best omelette ever and a brief stop to check on the Horse Formerly Known As Legend (who is fine and dandy - it's a long story), we browsed at Fire Ranch Glassworks for awhile, then it was on to Claire's Cafe (a client of my mom) for a sandwich that was so full of avocado I had to give up trying to be neat about it. Mom and The Kid each had a turkey sandwich on sourdough with bacon and so on - good stuff!

After lunch and a little browsing, we headed for the The Mini Time Machine, a museum of nothing but miniatures. We didn't have as much time as we would have liked (who closes at 4 on a Saturday?!), but we had time enough to check out most of what they had to offer.

Their current feature is a fantasy-themed room, with Christmas villages behind glass on the wall and under foot, a huge sculpted tree complete with a fairy flying around inside, and a Halloween house that I was particularly enjoying. The miniatures are fun, nothing as elaborate as the Thorne Rooms at the Art Institute, but definitely made with care and passion.

After a quick dinner, we headed out to a local park for some musical theatre...

And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

I kid, I kid - they were very cute, and obviously thrilled to be doing what they were doing, and in all honestly the female members had fantastic voices. It was a treat to hear them sing "Because I Knew You" from Wicked, which is my mom's new favorite show.

Sunday we had a morning flight, so we were out of the house by 8AM having successfully remembered everything (I think). After a quick stop for coffee, it was off to the airport and up and out!

It was a long, short trip.

TR picked us up and we had a quick lunch at Ted's (mmmm, Ted's), where I grossed him and The Kid out in equal measures by eating the pickles they brought like they were going out of style.

We managed to spend a little time with Colorado Alternadad for awhile in the evening (it being Father's Day and all) and...

Then it was home where we CRASHED.

Have you ever been so tired your hair was dragging? Yeah.

Last but not least, you may have noticed my lack of comment regarding oil spills and BP executives. This is because I'm pissed off to such a degree that I become nauseous every time I see any footage of anyone or anything involved with it, in particular the head of BP who is about the biggest jackass I have ever seen ever.

Even worse than Dane Cook, and that is REALLY saying something.


So because he's had to be inconvenienced and forced to answer for his company's actions, Tony Hayward said "I would like my life back".

I realize he's not personally responsible, but with the title comes the work.

I'm sure the Brown Pelicans would like their lives back too.

/soap box/

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

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Dandy said...

I can't stand the heat either.

I can't watch any coverage on the oil spill either. In fact, we rarely talk about it at home.

All the food you described sounds amazing.