Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thrilling Thursday: ZOMBIES

I have no brains left.

I have so little brains at the moment, in fact, that at first I typed "I have no brians" which is a big fat lie. I have several in fact, although none of them live here.

Wait, what?


It's been a VERY long week; The Kid is currently doing week 1 of her Girl Scout camp counselor action, which means I leave at 2:45 every day.

That would be all awesome and stuff, except that I also had a doctor's appointment yesterday morning, and one tomorrow too, and between all that I am SO BUSY I CAN'T SEE.

I need a vacation.

Yes, yes, technically I just had one but you know what I mean!

Here's a nice catchup for you!

Monday night...

Ales For Females! This week Robyn & I learned all about hops, although the one thing that sticks in my mind is that it's the only other plant in the family cannabinaceae other than the other one (you can probably guess). That explains a LOT!

Tuesday night...

Cheap Mexican and girl talk with Melissa. Poor Kiddo was exhausted and home eating mac n cheese.

Wednesday night...

Yet more Mexican, this time with Colorado Alternadad, only this time it came with an extra bonus...

A Southern Gentleman Waiter.

All that Yes Ma'aming and No Ma'aming and Right Away Ma'aming had me feeling a bit spoiled, but I think that's ok! I rarely like getting "ma'am"ed and this was a definite exception.

After picking up The Kid today, I managed to get my butt to Front Range to meet with an advisor.

We decided it's probably best I don't kill myself right off, and so I'm going to go with 2 classes and not 4. I was on the fence until I found out that I have quite a bit of financial aid to work with and won't really incur much expense! What little I will have to pay out will be covered by some very cheap government student loans.

Lookit me, bein' a college student!


I'm taking a couple of classes anyway. I have a hard time thinking of a couple of classes as really working very hard, but it's the best I can do, and it's something, right? Baby steps.

Finally, right this minute I'm sitting, exhausted, ignoring my sandwich and watching Giant Squid vs. Megalodon (starring Debbie - excuse me, Deborah - Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas!) on Netflix. It's all I have left.

Happy Thursday!!

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Ruth Covington said...

Woo Hoo! You're all college studenty. Congrats to you!!