Monday, November 19, 2012

Go Bears!

Like the new blog style? I figured if I was going to really rededicate myself I'd fluff it up a little. More than anything else my verbosity has not diminished while I've been languishing in academia, so I was looking for something with a wider space in which to blather.

Saturday found us taking a tour of the University of Northern Colorado. "Not too big, not too small" seems to be one of their selling points, and I would have to agree. It's walkable, but there's a bus that takes students from one end to the other if hoofing it is not an attractive option. Student activities and non-academic life is given importance at UNC, though the classes are top-notch and the programs are rigorous. The rec center is amazing - and they can use it freely, no need to buy a membership. Same goes for games, all students can attend any games for free - The Kid is a school-spirit kind of girl so she likes that.

Our tour guide Joe was extremely amusing, and we wish him luck as he pursues his dream on the Great White Way.

It's spendy, but we knew that it would be. However, thanks be to her grampa who is helping pay for about half. Without him she'd still go but we would end up much further in debt! We're going to work hard at financial aid options and hope for the best there.

We are going to tour the other two state schools The Kid is interested in (School of Mines and Colorado Statue University) but I think she's more or less settled on being a Bear.

 Fear the claw. FEAR IT.

Speaking of school, I'm feeling really good about my decision to not continue for a while after I finish up the AA. When I'm ready, though, I may pursue UNC myself - they have great programs for working adults to finish BAs in the subjects I like, including education. So we'll see, but I'm not making it a priority for now and that's okay.

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning and spending some much-needed time with TR just relaxing and having a great lunch at Tocabe, an American Indian restaurant that serves Indian Tacos. If you've never had one at a state fair, an Indian Taco is a nice round piece of fry bread covered in stuff of your choice. My favorite at Tocabe is the ground bison with chili beans, lots of lettuce and cheese, their hottest salsa, and a little onion and tomato and sour cream. The best is to then take this mess and absolutely drown it in hot sauce. TR likes his chimichanga-style, with the toppings all tucked into the fry bread before the frying commences.

And now I'm hungry.

Funny story, the first time TR and I went there, we were both raving about the hot sauce to the point that we decided to see if we could buy some, sure that it would be good on everything but apple pie (and even then). I went up and asked and they were very sweet about not laughing as they said "Oh it's just Louisiana Hot Sauce."

Well played, Tocabe.

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