Friday, November 16, 2012

Fantastic Friday: Me Me Me

I'm not counting my chickens yet but every journey starts with a two blog posts in a row, or something like that. I seem to remember themes being helpful in keeping me motivated to post, so hokey or not here they come.

In the spirit of my little manifesto yesterday, I'm implementing #4 on The List by instituting Fantastic Friday.

I'm going to take each Friday as a day to be selfishly, slavishly devoted to myself and talking about my accomplishments. I have the bonus of a backlog of things that have been accomplished (few, but they're there) over the last couple of years, so it's not going to be too hard to pull this off for a few posts - after that I'll have to work a little harder to praise myself, but maybe by then it will have gotten easier.

I will work really hard not to care whether or not I sound arrogant. Maybe I need to be a little more arrogant. Maybe I need to show the world something I've done and not temper it with "oh it wasn't that great" or "it wasn't that hard" or "it's only okay" or "it could be better." I always do that and it's a bunch of crap.

I will revel in any praise I receive by saying "Thank You" or "I'm Glad You Like It."

Today's offering is an embroidered Dia de los Muertos skull I made for my friend as a combination wedding/birthday gift. I worked really hard on it, for hours and hours. I spent a lot of time choosing colors that would work well together. I satin-stitched this to within an inch of its life - the skull itself is not blank fabric, but carefully done white work. It's gorgeous and its recipient displays it proudly. Not only that, it was selected by a cultural center in New Mexico to be part of its photographic display of Dia de los Muertos art.

I think it's really beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend... I will absolutely see you Monday, with tales of The Kid's tour of her future college.


Dandy said...

Wait a minute... is this a blog post?! Have you been blogging and I've been missing it?!

It's the first time I've read blogs in months and months!

I think that's gorgeous!

How can you possibly be talking about college.

curegirl0421 said...

Right?? That was #2 of my new-found determination to get my ass back in the game. I'm so glad there's still a few folks with me on their blogroll, you especially.

Yep, college. The grey hairs they are a-growin'. :)