Monday, March 21, 2011

No Relation... I think.

I've mentioned Mimi Smartypants before. We are of no relation, though our first names are the same. Mine was a childhood nickname, hers... well she's never actually said but I'll hazard a guess that it's some kind of similarly parentally-administered moniker.

Though I've often thought that she is clever and funny, once in a while she says something that is so in tune with what I meant to say along that it kind of gives me shivers.



This is so me in a nutshell.

My friend Christine (among others) often chastises me for not sharing with her my trials and tribulations. She shares with me, and doesn't understand why I don't unburden myself more freely. It's not that I'm stoic or stubborn or even strong... I just don't like to talk about stuff until I know what I'm talking about. I hate speculating. Speculation leaves me in a puddle of ruminating tears and/or yelling.

A puddle of yelling?

Just go with it.

Anyway, I often don't discuss things. It's not a lack of trust in my friends or family, it's just that I like to know what's next before I look at what's now.

Weird? Maybe. But it's worked so far...

The only time I discuss things out of context these days seems to be with TR and The Kid, poor souls. For some reason TR brings out the talker in me. It's a two way street, which is why I feel so comfortable I'm sure. This may seem to fly in the face of what I just said before about not liking to talk about stuff, but...

I don't know. It's TR-specific I guess?

I have no explanation.

The Kid of course needs no explanation... we're a team, that's all. It's unconventional as far as mother-daughter relationships go, I suppose. I don't overburden her, I at least respect tradition that much, but she ends up being subjected to a lot of my thinking-out-loud rants.

In other news, The Kid is off to Florida in a couple of days. Despite much paperwork and miscommunication, all has fallen together and she's off for a fun week! I've tried to help her understand how huge WDW is, and I think she gets it, but she'll only truly learn by experience I suppose. She's got money for food, money for fun, and more clothes than she'll really need I'm sure.

It should be noted that The Child thinks I've been over-plannery again. (Probably true.) I don't care if she's 15, though, she's still my baby going off to the other side of the country without me to wander the wilds of WDW.

Thank goodness for TR's calming presence, I'd be a wreck without him around to keep me chilly.

I say again...

Poor guy.

Happy Spring At Frickin' Last!

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