Monday, September 13, 2010

So Much Time, So Little To Do... Wait, Rewind!

Ah, my weekly post. Is this how it is now? Apparently.

I feel better knowing that some of my favorite blogstresses (Mrs. Dandy & Finny to name two) don't post every day, either, but still!

I think that because I've been writing SO much for my English Composition class that I *feel* like I've been writing every day... which I have, just not in here. Which I need to fix.


So it's Wednesday! It's 8:30AM and in about 50 hours (read: not soon enough) I will be...

Wait, sing it with me...

"Leeeeeeavin'... on a jet plane! Don't know when I'll be back agaaaaain..."

Well, I DO know, but you know what I mean. And now you have an earworm. It's my gift to you, no need to thank me.

So! My weekend, to sum up, this weekend I...

* Went to a Doctor Party
* Filled my backyard with dust (well, TR did)
* Stuck things in my ears and set them on fire
* Watched Disney videos from a by-gone age
* Celebrated an anniversary of gestational completion (Happy Birthday, TR!)
* Held a small, crying dark-haired baby
* Got 100% on my Math quiz... at 11:45PM (high fives all around please)

All in one weekend. I was exhausted.

Our friend Chris graduated with his Doctorate just lately. We're all very proud of him, and this past Saturday a few folks got together to celebrate! TR was pretty bushed still from his journey, having just gotten back the night before, so we only stayed for a couple of hours, but it was really nice to be able to say congrats, and I met the most fantastically chill cat ever. Enormous, black, and even small children did nothing to disturb the calm.

Sunday, TR suggested we do some ear candling. Have you heard of this? (No pun intended.)

There is a lot of literature saying it's bad for you, but equally as much touting the benefits. Being a fan of the holistic approach, I figured why not? I already can hardly hear, not like I'm going to damage my eardrums further (thanks Groovie - 20 years and counting!).

Ear candling is definitely an exercise in trust. You lay there, your head and eyes covered with a towel, a lit candle crammed in your ear and another person poised above you with sharp scissors and a bowl of water. I, of course, felt perfectly safe - TR being TR - but still!

And you would not *believe* the crap that came out of my head. I want to do it some more, not only because I want to see what else I can pull out (carrots, potatoes, possibly small mammals) but also because it felt AMAZING. It has the official Mimi Rickets seal of approval, but don't do it alone is all I'm going to say. And do it lying down, not sitting up like the picture shows. Trust me.

While we stuck flaming muslin wands in our ears, we also watched two videos full of those old Disney educational videos, which I love. There's something so delightful about the music, the saturated color... and Uncle Walt, of course. He's just *excited* about everything! It's no wonder he did what he did.

I always loved the nature videos, they were so lovely! The DVDs TR found were full of WWII and Atomic Age videos. By the powers of You Tube, I give you...


Malaria blows, and mosquitoes suck. I made a funny!


Part 1 of 5... you can watch the rest online!

Sunday was also TR's birthday! We didn't make a big fuss, at his request, but a bunch of people did meet for dinner thanks to his brother's quick work.

And I got to meet Moira, owner of the fabulous plaid bibs! She's just a bitty thing, with a full head of black hair and lungs that put Maria Callas to shame. She had had JUST ABOUT ENOUGH when they showed up, having spent a full day getting passed around no doubt, and just really wanted to be swaddled. And I almost made off with her. I think I made her parents nervous, actually. I'm such a spaz.

Sunday was also the deadline to take Quiz #2 for my magical math class. I had to finish it by 11:59 PM... and at 11:45PM I scored 100%, thus proving that - at least occasionally - I can still function like the high school student I once was.

I'm really learning, too, though how much I retain is up for debate. For now, however, I can solve the following, and did.

On a 255 mile trip, Gary traveled at an average speed of 70 mph, got a speeding ticket, and then traveled at 60 mph the remainder of the trip. If the trip took 4.5 hours and the speeding ticket stop took 30 minutes, how long did Gary speed before getting stopped?

Can you answer it? I CAN. I am totally tooting my own horn, because that sucker was tough.

This week so far has been full of getting ahead on school work (who wants to do Algebra on vacation!?), watching The Kid practice her skating, packing, and daydreaming about Florida.

I can't WAIT to get outta here.

Happy Wednesday!

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Dandy said...

I can't keep up with the blog posts!

Gestational completion, ha!

Did you do ear coning? Please do tell.