Friday, May 6, 2011

F-Word Friday: Fast Forward

Don't let the title fool you - I have little faith that I'll be able to maintain a daily theme schedule anymore, but I felt it was appropriate since this is a follow up on exactly one year ago.

Last year, I wrote this:


I'll save you the was a post written on Graduation Day. My office has the unique feature of a window which looks directly out onto the plaza in which everyone gathers before entering the stadium each May. All the kids ("kids" who are 22, God I'm old) are in their Grad finery, all the family and friends are looking proud.

Last year...
I wrote about how every year I was a crabby, jealous mess as I watched the festivities, full of lament about my lost chances.

This year...
I just finished my first 4 classes. I got A's in all of them.

Last year...
I wrote about how I wondered if I could ever go back, if I could ever get to that day myself.

This year...
I proved to myself that although I am going to be up to my ears in student loans when I'm done, that I'm not too old, or too slow, or too comfortable to put in the work.

I know it's going to get harder - it was just some English comp and Algebra after all - but I did it.

Thanks to TR & The Kid, and all of you who have encouraged me, helped me get my act together, and who have been my cheering section. I may not get my day for a good six or seven years, but now I know it's coming.

Now my only problem is figuring out what I want to be when I grow up...

Happy Friday!

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