Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nearly Christmas. Oy.

It's been a week of goodies around here.

Cookies, amusing gifts of outdated calendars (a tribute to my annual skunking in the gift swap at work - thanks Ruth!), and mystery presents for The Kid that I may be more excited about than she is have appeared on my desk.

The first Christmas cards have begun arriving in the mail, and a plethora of boxes have been materializing on my front porch.

Lots and lots of holiday lights are up all around my neighborhood, which are all beautiful except for the ones that blink on and off so fast I'm concerned about the drivers who pass by. Your standard twinkly blinky lights are lovely, but those strobe things have got to go!

Always a critic.

So! Things to report!

School is officially done for the month.

My English grade: 102.5%. Is that an A?

My teacher made the following comment: "I am going to miss reading your work." This followed the comment "I have so enjoyed reading your work. You write like a professional, with grade, humor, introspection, heart, and clarity."

Clearly she has not read my blog, but what a compliment!! I was pretty tickled.

My Math grade: 97.09%. I got a 95 on my final, so Ruth's candy and your good wishes did the trick!

Phew. Two A's. I'm not getting cocky though... that's only 7 credits down and 113 more to go until I have my bachelor degree.

But still! Pretty cool!

Also cool... Ms. Hannibal Lexter is getting interviewed for the Longmont paper! She was nominated by her coach, who is a reporter for the paper, as part of a large list of nominees for the "100 Coolest People In Longmont" special section that comes out in March. (That's probably not what it's really called, but it will do for now.) Because she does derby and is generally a cool chick, I feel that she will at least be in the top 5, if not the coolest person on the list.

I wonder if I can make this work for some kind of college scholarship for her...


Anyway, this week will continue to be crazy busy... there are cards to send! Crafts to finish! Gifts to mail! (Only 2 but still...thank goodness for click-n-ship - really if you haven't used this, START.) Cookies to make! I've gotten so many nice treats that if I don't reciprocate I'm going to feel like a heel.

Shortbread and chocolate chip cookies for everyone! The fact that they're easy recipes doesn't take away from the intent right?

Happy Thursday...

PS... Here's something pretty for you to enjoy. TR, you'll appreciate the clouds and windmills!

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Ruth Covington said...

Why is it every time I think of that calendar, I hear "NUNS on the run" to the tune of Paul McCartney and Wings' "Band on the Run"??

Congrats on the decent grades; you'll probably do just as well for the next 113 credits! Congrats to Hannibal Lexter being interviewed. Coolness abounds!

I'm with you on the spastic Ho Ho lights. Seizure anyone?